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An Ordinance Relativa to Llcenses. The Cmmon Counoll of the City of Aun Arbor ordains as f oilows : Seotion 1. No person, flrm, Corporation or corapany shall engage in, proseóme or earry on any trade. business or oeeupation hereinafter mentioned or described. in orwithiu the corporate limits of the City of Ann Aibor.until after he. she or they shall havo obtained a license therefor in the manner hereinaf ter provided. Section 2. There shall bepaid for all liceuses granted under the provisious ot this ordinance the snui or sunis of money hereiuafter stated, rospectively. Any number of persons may carry on business in copartnership at one place, under one and the same lieense. If any person. coinpauy or eopartnership shall carry on business or do any act or thiug requiring a license, at different places ai one and the same time, he, she or they shall take out a license for and in respect to each and every place where any such business shall be carried on. Sectiou 3. In all cases, unless otherwise provided. whei e by this ordinance a suin of money is flxed for the payment of a liconse, it shall be u nderstood to be for the perlod of one year. The Mayor is. bowever, authorized to grant licenses for any period less than one year, and every license granted shall state the time when the same will expire. Section 4. All lieenses shall be revocable at the pleasure of the Mayor, or by order of the Common Council, but no license shall be assignable. Section 5. All licenses grranted under this ordinance shall be signed by the Mayor and eomitersigned by the City Clerk. who sball keep a full record of the same, and shall be in f orín substantially as follows: Mayor's Office, i __ Nuinber - City of Ann Aroor. f3s' Mayor of the City of Ann Arbor, to whom it may concern : Knowye, that has paid to the City Clerk the sum oï dollars, and has otherwise complied with the provlsions of the ordinances of the city in this behalf Therefore the said - is hereby authorized and licensed to from andduriug this day of IS and to and until the day of 18... In witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City of Ann Arbor to be aflixed thie day of 18... Mayor. Countersigaed: City Clerk. Section 6. Auctioneers, and all persons selling or offering for sale goeds, wares, and inerchandise at auction, judicial sales excepted, shall pay a license therelor in the sum of flve dollars per annum, or for a less period, and shall execute and deliver to the City olAnn Arbor a bond in the penal sum of two hundred and f if tv dollars, with sufficient sureties to be approved by the Mayor, conditioned to obey in the time, mannerandplaoeof conductingsuch business, all of the ordinances of said city. Anv such license shall, however, authorize such lieensee to sell at auetion in persou only. Section 7. Every hawker, peddler, or person going aboul from place to place, or who uiake use of any of the streets or open places in said city, selling or for sale goods, wares, inerchandise, or any species ot property, shall pay a license theretor as follpws, that is to say: If he intends to travel on foot, two dollars per day; if he intends to travel with one horse, three dollars per day; if he intends to travel with two or more horses or other animáis, flve dollars per day, for every vehicle so used. Any person selling or exposing for sale any such goods or property from any wagon, hand-cart, show-case or stand, in any street or open place, shall pay the sum of three dollars per day; and in granting license for any such purpose in any street or open place, the Mayor shall desígnate the street and place where any such wagon, hand-cart, stand or show-case shall be located, and shall have power and authority to change and to re-locate the same from time to time, in his discretion. This section shall not apply to persons selling domestic fruits, dairy, farm or garden produce, nor to bakers or merchants delivering trnnAa tn their ftiistomera in said citv. Section 8. Every pawnbrokor or other person who loans money on personal property, and who shall have and maintain a shop or other place therefor. ahall pay the sum of twenty-flve dollars per annuru for a license therefor, and snall execute and deliver to the City of Ann Arbor a bond in the penal sum of flve hundred dollars, with suffictent sureties, to be approved by the Mayor, conditioned that he will eonduct such business in all tbiners ac cording to law and the ordinances of said city. Section 9, No person shall have. maintain or keep for hire any public carriage, hackney coach, cab, omnibus' or other vehicle for the carriage of persons, without a license therefor; and every person so liceused shall pay annually therefor the sum of one dollar for each carriage, eab, omnibus or other vehicle so kept and maintained as aforesaid for a public conveyance, and shall also execute to said city, for the use of all persons injured in person or property, a bond in the penal sum of two hundred and flfty dollars, with sufflcient sureties, to be approved by the Mayor, conditioned that such licensee, hls agents and servants, shall observe and abide by all of the provisions of the charter aad ordinances of said city. and also that such licensee, his agents and servants. shall do and perform all and sing-ular of their duties asacommon carrier of persons and property. No person shall ■ _ _ .. .. I. I ■ ?fc .. - ,-, V X t xl .rr drive any such puolie carnage, cud, nacKuey coach omnibus, or other public vehicle, for svhich the owner or keeper shall not have procured a license. Every conveyance lieensed under this ordinance. when used or driven at night, shall be provided with two lighted lampa, one on either side thereof, with plain glass fronis and sides, and having the number of the license therefor printed in legible characters thereon. Section 1U. Every sleigh. and every cart, truck, wagon, dray or other vehicle having two or more wkeels and diawn by oneor uiore horses or other animáis, which shall be kept, maintained, used, driven or employed for the transporta tiou or conveyance of auy goods, chattels, or thing whatsoever, froin place to place within the City of Ann Arbor, for hire or reward, shall be deemed a public dray within the purpose and meaning of this ordinance. And no person shall keep, have or maintain for hire any such public dray within said city without a license tberefor. The Mayor is hereby authorized to grrant a Hcense to any person tó keep, maintain and opérate a public dray in and within said city, on such person paying lor every dray so lieensed as follows: For every dray drawn by one horse or other animal, one half dollar per year; and for every dray drawn by two or more horses or other animáis, one dollar per year; and also on condition that such licensee do execute and deliverto the City of Ann Arbor, for the use of all persons injured in person or property, a bond with sufficient surety, to be approved by the Mayor, in the penal sum of oue liundred dollars, conditioned that such licensee, his agents and servants, shall at all times abide by the ordinanee8 of said city, shall and do well and faithlully perform all and singular of his duties as a common carrier of persous and property, Section 11. No person, Corporation or company shall exhibit or maintain In said city any circus, menagerie, play, game, or theiUricul exhibition, or exhibit any natural or artificial ourio8ity, or give. maintain or exhibit anv show or entertainment of any kind for whicli pay is demanded or reeeived, without a license therefor. For every license granted for any such business, ouject or purpose mere suuu be paid by every such llcensee suins of money as fodows: For a circus which Bhall also include a menagerie, the sum of fifty dollars per day Fora circus without a menagerie, the sum of twenty-flve dollars per day. For a menagerie without a circus, the sum of ten dollars per day. For a whirligig or merrygoround, shooting gallery, or other game of like character, three dollars for the flrst day, and one dollar per day thereaf ter, For every hall, opera house or theater let for the purpose of giving theatrical and other like entertafnments, the sum of flfty dollars per annum. For every other public entertainment not herein stateii, for which pay sball be demanded or received, ten dollars for the flrst day, and three dollars for every day thereaf ter. Provided, however, that all exhibitions of agricultural, educational or religious soeieties or associations, or local theatrical and musical sooieties, are excepted from all the provisiona of this ordinanee. Section 12. The Mayor may refuse to issue licenses to any person forany of the purposes af oresaid, and may revoke or annul any license hereaf ter granted for any purpose or occasion whatever. Any such refusal or revocation shall. however, be reported by the Mayor to the Common Council at its flrst session thereafter. Any person aggrieved by any such action of the Mayor, may appeal therefrom to the Common Council. and upon due eonsideration the Common Council may reverse the action of the Mayor, by a two-thiids vote of all the members elected. Section 13. The City Clerk may retain for each and every license granted of such license fee the sum of flfty cents, for his own use, and the remainder of all such license fees he shall without delay pay into the city treasury. Section 14. Any violatton of, or willf ui neglect or failure to comply with any of the provisions of this ordinanee, shall, on conviction therefor, be punished by a flne of twenty dollars and costs of suit to be taxed by the court, or by imprisonment in lhe common jail of the County of Washtenaw for a period of thirty days, or both such flne and imprisonment; and on the imposition of any such flne, the court shall have power and authorlty to make a f urther order and Jndirment, that any such persoh 8O convicted shall be imprisoned in the ooinnion jai! aforesaid until such flne and oosts shall be paid; but sueh iiuprieuument sliall not exoeed thlrty tey. Section 15. All oroiDAIlOGB relatiiiiT to ucenses, in oonfllot witli the provljlons of this , oriiiiiniice, are hereby repealed. All licenses ! herotofore g mnted, bowever.&od dow in force. shall femala untll revoked.or until they siiall otherwise expire, Section 16. 'l'hisordinance shall take effect and be in full lorre aftel ten daya trom loiral publicatiün. Passed in and by the Comaion Council thls 6thdayoL July, A D. 1891. W. J. MILLEK, City Clerk. Approved July 1S91. VV1LLI AM (",. DOTY. Mayor