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AfifZ-'' ají - - -■ I d r ■-. Amtln, #'í;i ' ■"'■ "■ ' ■'' ' " :"- "'■''■ fc-.'. ,.: T ,- i i.'.-í 7'. ■■.:.■ ii-ei!. Yhj' ))feg' ■.■;.„■.;:,.;;:,:-- i-j vi S ■''.'' '" l" ■ ■■ '- ■■■ ■ !■■ ív. ':''■ '."" "''' 1; i-T'-tiniB NEKT JUST opened "„____ At the Od Stand PF.RKTiXiS Cor. Grand Hivcr and riJAIVllVO Casa Avenues, irnTITT Direct Street Car ConJQU Jj Jj nections from all DepKs. detroit. Rates, $1.25 to $2 per day GEORGE WAHH THE LARGEST Book and f all Paper DEALER IN THE CITY, Offers for the SEASON OF 1S91, the Best Selected Stock of WALL PAPER m WI10W SHAD1S Ever shown in the city. Look at the following Prices bef ore buying: Best.White Blanks, 5, 6, 7c Best Flats, 10, 12, 15c Best Gilt Paper, 6, 8, 10c High Class Grade Gilts 12, 15, 18c Fine Decorations, 20, 25, 30c Our Papers are all guaranteed full length and best stock. In short, we are the cheapest Wall Paper House in the city. Remember we have the best Wall Paper Hangers and Decora tors in our employ. We would invite Special Attention to our full line of fine Stationery. GEORGE WAHR, Leading Bookseller and Stationer, Opposite Court House, Ann Arbor, Mich. HENRV RICHARDS. Dealer in all kinds of HAED WOQD, LUÜBEB, FENCE PÖ5T3, Maple Flooring, etc, also PinO and Shingles. ALL, KLSTDS OF PIRÉ WOOD. PRICES as LOW as any dealer in the City. Agent for Ws Urs ui Mom No. 9 Detroit Street, AKN ARBOR, - - MICHIGAN Mh PatENTS OBTAIKED !n TT. S. .■AUT 'T35W n a foreign countries AuplyX Exarniuationa made, Li JKjBBMBLvk censes aud assignments 3kJJ9 d r a w n. Infringementa l]Ld prosecuted in sil Federal n f] 1 1 1 1 j I LMcourts. Adrice and mmnatfilll Sclemific exn KI !LMBpert validity opinions Vu3ilÉV SiTen Komodelsrequired. lB mfSÜr Èstablisbed A. D. 1865. 'ÜpwBPRiN Thos. S. Spkagub & Son, 37 Lll'JlaP Ccngress Streel West, ■W Detroit. Miciu iALírmJ ?enfa f?r W. L,. Dónelas Shoei. Tf nat for mie in your place ask jour dealer to send for catalogue, secure the srency, and eet them for you. WTARÏ NO SUBSTITIJTE. J& WHY IS THE W. L. DOUCLAS It Is seamless shoe, wlth no tackel or wai turead to hurt the feet; made of the best flne calf, tTllsb. ana easy, and bccause toe malee more shoes oí íhij arade íian any other manufacturer, lt equals handewed shoeB costlng from 84.00 to 5.00. BR 00 Genuine Hand-sewed, the flnest calf 7S? Ï h?e ver oftered for 5.00; equals French imported shoes whlch cost from Í8.00 to 12 00. $4 Hand-Stewed Welt Shoe, flne calf, ■ styllsh, comfortable and durable. The best snoe ever offered at thls prlce : same grade as custom-made shoes costlng from Í6.00 to 9.00. CÍO 50 Pólice Shoei Farmers, Rallroad Men fm andLetterCarrlersallwearthem; flnecalf, seamless, smooth lnslde, heavy three soles, exten slonedKe. One pair wili wearayear. CO 30 fine calf; no better shoe ever offered at thls prlce; one trial win convinco those who want a shoe for comfort and service CO Ü5 and 82.00 YVorkinginan'a shoe !""■ are very strong and durable. Those who naje glven them a trlal will wear no othermake RoVfi' '-00 and 81.73 school shoes are V f wrn by 'he boys every where; they sell 3ü thelr merlts, as the increasing sales show. LHÍAG S3.00 Hand-sevred shoe, best " ■ w ö Dongola, very styllsh; equals French Imported shoes costingfrom 4.00 to ts.oij. Radies' '.2.50, 82.00 and 1.75 shoe for HIsses are the best flne Dongola. Stylish and durable Caution.- See tnat W. L. Douglas' name and price are stanipert on the bottom of each hoe W. L. DOUCJLaS, Brockton, Mass. ffM, REINHARDT & CO i