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No Money Eequired of Eeponslble Partíes to Oommence Treatment. Formerl v of New York, now the celebrated Physiciang and Surg-eons of the Fruth Mecical and Surgïea] lnstitute, Chicag-o, 111., by request of mauy Friends and Patients, have ciecided to visit ANNABBOR THÏÏRSDAY, JULY 30th, 1391. Consultatioa and Bxamination f ree aad strictly eonfidential in the private parlors of ONE DAYONLY. D. 0. FRUTH. A. C. FRUTH. Celebrated Surgeon. Examining Physlcian. OF THE FruttL Medical aad Surgical Instituto. Permanently established and incorporated under the Iaws of the State of. Illinois, with a capital stock of ?ioo,ooo, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Clironie and Sexual tDiseases, Catarrh, Asthma; Stomach, Kidney, Bladder Nervous and Special Deseases of Men and Wornen. Ably assisted by a full staff of eminent physicians and surgeons for every department of medicine and surgery. Female Diseasespositirely cured by a never failing method. A home treatment entirely harmless and easily applied. Consultation free and strictly confldential. Dr. Fruth after years of experienoe has perfected the most infallible method of curing vital drain in ürlne. Nocturnal losses, Impaired Memory, Weak Back, Melancholy, want of Energ-y, Premature decline of the Manly Powers, if consulted before ïdlocy, insamty, fallinp fits or toal impotenoy results. Inese terrible disorders arisefrom rumous practices of youth, blithing the most radiant hopes, unfltting: patiënt for study, society or marriage. Annually to an untlmely grave thousands of young men of bnhant intelect and exalted talent. Piles Cured without ?Pain, knife or cautery. Marrlag-e. Married persons men marriag-e, aware of physical weakness, loss of procreative powers, imsPPeldiÍy'restoredny Other dllnM? Cttrt! Ur nW 8nd Kldney and Bladder Dlseases Brig-bt's Disease, Diabete and kindred mala dies treated and oures effected in thousands of cases that had been pronounced bevond hope. Private Dlseases- Blood Poison, Sypyïllis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Hydrocele, Vericoeele, Loss of Sexual Power and all disseases of the genito-urinary organs, speedily and permenently cured. No risks incurred. Consultation f ree and strictly oonfldential. Medicine sent tree from observation to all parts of the United States. Catarrh Cured, Catarrhal aflections ot the nose, throat, lungs and stomaoh, bronchitis, asthma, eonsumption and dyspepsia. suecessfully treated by the most recent aDd scientiüc methods which a vast hospital experience has proved worthy of confldence. We desire no better proof of succes than the testimoniáis on flle at the institute, of thousands of helpless cases that we have restored to health and happiness. Free Examinatlon of the Urine. Each person applying for medical treatment snoulu sendor Iring an ounce of their urine, which will receive a careful chemical and ■■■i--.,, .„_„ „ mtviuowpiuoi Maminauon. S. Est of 8maoueflHÍnPOt? Deel cpnfldentíal. Treatment sent C. O. D. to any Dart of the ü. Street, ChicaioT Addreas with poitage. DK. D. O. FBÜTH, 88 Bast Madiaoa