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The Detroit Evening News comes to us gre...

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The Detroit Evening News comes to us greatly improved. It is now an esght page paper, and has a decidedly interesting way of fllling its columns with very readable matter. lts new dress and new shape are admirable, and it will doubtless be more of a favorite than ever with the reading public. The Courier probably has not read the constitutiou of the state of Michigan in the last ten years. It never knows whether a law is constitutional or not, is a poor judge on that subject, and shows it by pronouncing a constitutional law unconstitutional. The governor has been ex-officio memberof boards the members of which are paid a per diem for years, and the laws eonstituting such boards have been sustained. He receives a eertain [salary as governor, and can take no more. As a memberof a state board he draws an additional salary. He is a member only as governor, ex-officio, and his actions on the board are only in the performance of his duties as governor. The Courier should have its editorial writer take a course in constitutional law. It is an oíd saying that figures don't lie, but this does not mean that the Courier's figures never lie. Id order to show that the Courier contained more home set matter than the Argus last week, printers' measurement, that paper measured up the Argus, and said it contained 73,450 ems. Our foreman, who it is well known is not to be excelled for accuracy, measures tlie Argus of last week as containing 81,162 ems of home set matter. This is more than- according to the Cour. ier's own figures - the Courier set last week. And this, too. in spite of the fact that the rules of measurement give the Courier a decided advantage. The Argiis typograph sets a minion face of type on a brevier body. The Courier sets a minion face on a minion body. Now there are exactly the same number of letters in a line of the Argus type that there are in a line of the Courier type, but the Argus measures threeemsless a line. "We don"t care to get iuto a discussion with the Courier. Our assertion of last week that the Argus was the only paper published in the city all of whose matter was set at home, is undeniably true. There is no need of rueasuring type to flnd out that fact.