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Frank Schairer's barn in Scio, burned Sunday. Dr. W. W. Nichols ie shipping peaches. Ald. Wines now drives a new double seat surrey. The fh-st ward school building is being painted. Ypsilanti is talking about eewerage. So is Ann Arbor. George A. Peters, of Scio, -was prostrated by th.e heat, last week. Louis Rohde has purchae?d the wood yard of the late George Collins. E. B. Hall will build on a lot adjoitniug the one he has just sold. The Bethlehem Sunday school held a very successful picnic Wednesday. The choilr boys of 8t. Andrew'6 church will camp at North Lake, in August. Ir .Daa-ling is putting in steam heat iiig apparatus. Schuh & Muehüg havo the contract. President Angell has been attending the international congregational council in London. Some sneak tliieves got a couple of dollars ourt of H. Richards' office, Monday night . The marshal and patrolmen made twenty-one arrests in the first three days of iMs week. The Ypsüanti motor was off thq track, last evening, at thie crossing of thie Lake Shore road. Rev. Dr. Carman wïll have charge of the Union service In the M. E. church, Sunday evenjng. Rev. Dr. Studlay wil! not preach in the M. E. church, Sunday, on account of the illness of his son. Forty-one teachers had registered at the Teachers' InstKute, in Dexter, up to Wednesday morntag. The King's Daughters, of the Baptist church, gave a lawn social at Mrs. M. E. Cooley's, last evemïng. A branch office of the Postal Union Telegraph company has been established at 22 South State street. The fire department were called ouí by a flre of papera in the furnace under Shetterly's barber shop, yesterday. Jay Keith had a tooth nkocekd out by a base ball coming through the oor of the express office in Dexter. The Southern Washtenaw Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance company pajj $813.70, loss on Patrick Xorris' barn. Mrs. Margaret Jones died Friday at the residence of her son, on Packard street. She was over eighty-six years old. Isaac Shepley, of Scio, found his binder on fis-e, recently. It caught fire probably, because sufficiient oil had not been used. Gottlob Maulbetch paid $30.35 fine and costs for taking hanging plants from Newberry Hall, whix;h didn't belong to him. H. Ramdall won the first prize at the national photographers' convention in Buffalo for the best exhibit of genre Wiltse & Son, Manchester harness makers, ihave a clock made in 1720, wjhich keeps good time and marks the hours and quarter hours George W. Turnbull, Es$., of Chelsea, has built a dining hall at Cavanaugh lake. There were Bizty people camping at the Sake last week. Thomas Mack was brought before Justice Pond, Tuesday, for drunkenness and got fifve days in jail. He began service in the stone yard at once. Dan Callagihan, John Maloney, Frani Bmith and Pat Markey, four drunks, were belore Justice Pond yesterday and released on promising to get outr of town . Merritt Tice and Chai-les Williams were caught, Tuesday, by Marshal Murray, swiniming without the prow-ction of clothes. They vvere Hned the ; Tlio prohi'bitioniKts nv t oiiavc a conference ana rally at Ann Arbor thq sixth of next moirth. J. W. Rood, of Grand Rápita, is to ba one of the speakers. Prof. H. C. Adams, of the University, is the head of the department of economics at th esummer school at Plymouth, Mass-, in which the leadin Eastera professors are engaged. H is giving a" course of seventen lec ture6 on the rlse of industriajism i England and the development of th present competitive eystem. J. A. C. Hildner and Miss Barbara Goetz were married Tuesday evening at the residence of the bride's father, John Goetz, sr. They have the best wishes of many fwndsThe erayon drawímg of Proseeuting ttorney Lehman, ï:i the Argua winiw, ís ly D. S. Donahiue, law '0, ho has taken a poeltlop in tho oflice f J. F. Lawrenec, Esq.s Jacob Wehl, Ann Arbor; Fred Albor, orthfield. EYed ( s, Aan Arbor and V. A. Davifs Ypeüantl; were the lates eclpllente of imaclUiics froni F. chuh's sewing machine club The house owned by Mr. Secord, f Detroit, on the corner of East WaBhngcon and Thayer streets, built bj? Levi D. Wines, ha8 been sold to Isaac oble, of New Yorfe state, ior $5,200, hrough the agency of N. (i. Butts. Dr. A. D. Salsbury, of Midland, has urchased a lot on Forest avenue and vill build on it. Dr. Salsbury has made a munter ot acquaüitances in he city and wIU bs cordially welcomed as a resWamtJ.' He ia :an ex-meniber oï he etate legislature. An entertainment will be given Friay evening, July 31, under the auspies of the Womems' Itelüef Coa-ps, in thq psilanti opera house, by Major R. H. Hendersliot, the drummer boy of thq Rappahannock. A. Wilsey has charge f the salo of tickets im this city. One of the berry growers of Chubb street was so rushed by the quickly ripening fruit tliat he haxl to have ie pickers work all day last Sunday; nd altlhough it was a very hot day, nd tihe wonking perhaps süghtly obique morally, nobody was sunstruck. Over fhirty bushels were gathered, and were sfliipped Sunday evening. The expenses of the Chelsea schools 5ast year were $5,350.81, of which $3,275 was paid for teachers' salaries. The amount to 'ba raised by tax this year was fixed at $5,887.60, of which $3,540 is to ba spent for teachers' tíalartes aad $2,000 for a ksIiooI bond due next February. The .-stimated expense of free text books is $00. After long importuning, the Hon. J. ,1. Robisan has induced the city .uthoritiies to lower th egrade of Xorth Main sw-cel front of hifi property and beyond, and it will be a great improvement over 1ho former conJition of tliat important thoroughfare, besades carryimg out tlhe promise given by the council to Mir. Robiison during his incumbency as mayor. The prisoners in the jail had a fighti Tuesday night, ehortly af ter midnight. John Moloney, a tramp, started tQ throw Bill Kersey ,of Ypsilanti, out of his bunk. Kersey hit him, cutting a bife gash ovr hds ye. Dan Callaghan stepped in to punish Kersey and John Gow hit Callaghan. Jim Taylor then took a hand and was tlirowing all of them into their cells, whem the sheirlff interfered and with difficulty separated the infuriated men and pa-eventod homicide. , One driy last w-frek wliile our harness maker, H. Wiltse, vaa in Dexter, he went out to examine a telephone pround wire and white pulling gras? iAVay from the side of iohe building ïear'd a ratthraa; noise, something he lad never heard before, and glancing in t'hat diïwtion, saw the head of a rattlesnake wtithin six inhces of his land. The old fellow, was sfcretched out at full length, whieh was probably, fortunate for Mr. W., for had he been coiled he might have bitten him. Mr. WÜtee vas not long in grabblng a hoe -wtlth which he severed his head 'roin his body wjith one stroke.- Manchester Enterprise. Miss Virginia J. Watts, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Watts, quietly, passed away ar an early hsior yesterday morning. Her death has been expected for some time The funeral services will be conducted by the Rev J. M. Gelston, at 4 o'clock, this afternoon. She studied in the literary department a year and then entered the medical department, where she graduated in 'S5. Immediately after gTaduating slie went to the New England Hospital at Boston and to DansvillQ Sanitarilam in N. Y., spending a year at each place. Since then shc ha practiced in East Saginaw until failing health roqufre-d a rest. She has been. an earnest Ctel-stlan and a hos of friends mourn 'acv death.