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Mr. Jacobs' Western Trip

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Indian Commíeeioner J. T. Jacobs s back from California, reaching here ueeday. He fis looking extreinely veil and galmed flesfii duriug the trip. To toqnlrles eoncerning lus trip he relied: ■"What about my trip? Well. I eclare, I Hiardly kiiow where to begin r "niuTe To teave off. I have tfaveled m aU so me six -tfliausandi miles by rail, mee I 'teft liome and to do justice tq ïe sccnry and the royal way in whicli have bjen treatted would take a greatr poet than. I am. Oh, yes; my health has ben pwfect." "I would Üke to be able to describe he everlasttng snow capped moun ■ains ,the beautiful valleys and brooks, he scènes from the mountains at an ltitude of G,000 feet and the Desert. But I wjll uot gay niuch about thai n hours i'ide iu the hoat and &ust. t doobal't look as il' they had had rain i a thouKa.nd years. '"he car had to be closed almost ajr tiight. I have many beautiful remeuibranceï f the acts of my frionds in and around au Francisco. Por the first time I ully realized that frionds are better han money. I sawi little Ed. Worcn, as wie used to eall him, but he leeft ttle now, oifflier ia( brain, heart or body. He tipped tüie seales, the day, before I left San Franfcisco, atH99 1-2 ounds. He and liis horse were at my Isposal. Thtrough hls courteey I was he guest of the PaJetólC Union club, vliR'li eiwels any thlnjg oí the kind I ver saw. The people oí Ann Arbor vill be glad to know tlhat Cltaton E. Vordcn is prospearing. From threo ollars a week with Ktearns & Co., oí X'troit, ho has advanced so that he s now presklont and general manager f one of the langest manufactui'ing intitutions in Califoj-nia. May nis form ever grow less"I wKsh I could toll im a fiflting way f the kiindnees of Hon. "William E. Hale, of San Quintín, Cal., and hia fijante and accmoplished wife, who has eOn a life long friend of I was heir gnest for a couple of days at heir lovely home on the banks of San Francisco Bay. Mr. Halr is one oí he most popular men ín that part of he state. "The clirnat!'? We.ll in regard t he climate of San Francisco, I like t very much, exceptiing the afternoon vimls, which they get most evrary lay. But they do Mot last as long as liey lid yaars ago. Outside of San Francisco a distancie of fiíty miles the límate is lovely. I guess you haven't any subscribers in California (Mr. Jaoba didn't guess correctjy) and so I vill risk saying that I -wouldn'ttrade nn Arbor or MicMgaa lor auy town or state I have ever seen. With tliis ourney I Wave been from the Gulf tQ tie Lakes and from the Atlantic tQ he Pacific and I would like to say to he farmers of Washtenaw county that nowhere have I seen a farm of a ihousand acres for whlch I would give the two hunda-ed acre farm of my old rllend Beyor, in Pittsfield. The farmers of "Washtenaw should stáck to theiï arms"In regard to my öïflcial dutiea as Indian Commissioner, I got back with my BCalp all rl&ht. I shall make a report of all my official actions to the board in due time. The Indiana arq ljeiiig educated in industrial trades and are progre9sing in education, more especially im. the mission school In Santee, Xilbraska, in c'hargc of Eev. Dr. Kiggs. The Indians have a greater acxeage of crops this year than ever before."