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Laiisin; Baptlgts will erect a churcll to cost $40,000. A conference of the African M. E. clnirches of Michigan will be held at the Bethel church, öetrolt, August 13 to 18 inclusive. John Burïingame, a state organizer jor the K. O. T. M., ínatifaited a tent at Palms, on th 16th inst., with twelve charter members . The Brown City Bee Is now buzzing ■under control of Charles Fox, who lias purchased the plant frorn Mr. jlenzies, tüie former proprietor. The Sanilac Standard has suspended publication on account of the illnees of editor George Dodd, fho has been under medical treatment for some time S. H. Carroll has sold the black gelding purchased by him last fall, and; which he considera the prettiest horse ja the state, to John Gardner, of Chicago, for $650. The Grand Rápida pólice department is undergoing a . renovation which discloses considerable crookedBess and may result in the decapitation of several old officers . A horse belfongjng to H. A. Pierson, of Clifford, Öied iiecently without any known cause. An autopsy revealed three lizards im the Btomach, whiab were doubtless contiiibutory to tfoe aaiimal's death . ,The Jackson Courder says: "This ia going to be a gneat year for canninlg fruit. The fruit ia to be cheap, t)ut the tjn cans wil] come high, thanks to Major McKinley." And the Courier is right about it. The body of a young man was found (loating in the haibor at Gladstone, last week. Fr'om letters found In the pockets of the deeeased, addressed to parties in Rapid River, he Is supposed to be "W. H. Falrífeld, of Sullivan, Muskegon county. About fifty bankers from Detroit anti other Michigan cittes sailed for jMaquette, Saturday eventinig, to attend the sttite bankers' annual conventicm, which .met there Otherg ■went there by Papera were read ty the most prominent bankers of the State. 1 The state institute for Lena wee connty, undetr control of the euperinitendent of public instruction, will be held at Adrián, beginning Monday,July S7th, and will continue three weeka. It will be condijcted by Supt. David ■A. Hammond, of Charlotte, formerly f the Tecumseh schools. Campers at the innumerable lake regort throughout the state report that ïflie mosquitoes are there. also in numbers beyond computation and possessed of a voraeity which ia insatiable. Even the old-fashioned "smudge" has ■no effect upon tlhem. They "get tfhere" just the same, and all the time. A farmer nlear Utica, Macoml) county, had a peculiar aecUtlent a few tlaya ago. While oilinig the binder of Sis reaper the team started and the binding needie passed through his hand binding it firmly witlh, the bundie so tibat it was necessary to have a sur-, geon remove thie needie and dress the iwound. Chicago capitalists have organized a stock company with $5,000,000 apital to develop tftie hardwood and pine districts of northwestern Michigan. Six thousand acres have already teen bouight anú a brancli of the Ann, 'Arbor road will be bult to bring the goods to market. The Saw mili will be located at Kalkaska. Evtdently they want the electric Btreet railway system' at Owosso. At a citizens' meeting held there last Saturday, to take action regarding the anticipated veto by the mayor of a franchise for an electric car system, the vote stood 171 for tlie franchise, witih only 14 agaidist 5t. The people of Owosso seem to be level headed. Eansom Ramsdell, who resides two milts north of tawn, again showed marked eig.ns of insanity, cutting off' liis calves' ears, sïitting the ears of his tows, ehasing his children witb a pitch. fotk, and doing other acts of a clearly) insane nature. He was taken to Kalemazoo ta the asylum Friday. He Vas there about sixteen years ago.- Stockbridge Sun. i At Marine Cilty, a few days ago, Albert Aehley, aged 17, and a man named Direant, an employé at Heath'sl livery stable, quarreled about a rig ttoat Ashley wanted to take hia girlj out rdding in, and Ashley strtick Dreant ta the íorehead with a screwdriver, fracturing hls skull, the wound resulting in Dreant's death. An inquest waa course, uuder arrest. lAn Inquest waa held and the jury returned a verdict of justifiable bomMfde. The victim's name is spelled in vaorious ways by the Cifferent papera raaordlng the event, ajid the Argua hais no means at hand for arrlving at the correct orthography of it. ' Mrs. Eobert Y. Ogg, wife of exEepresentative Ogg, of Detroit, is maktüg a canvass of the mercantile and Dianufaxituring establisfliments of the State employiog gürls, in tihe interest tof the Jttchlan bureau of Jabor staitistica. siie has already canvassed Detroit, Ypeilanti, Ann Arbor, Jackson and several other cities, everywhere receiving coureoua treatment both fron employera and employés. James McConnack, of Central Falls, died on Saturday {rom injuries reeeived in a prize fiaítit witli Wm. Daniels .of RSMnelander, dying in a few hours áfter the fljrht. Daniels and ató swonds mm arrested uruler i Cnarga oí nnu-der.