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luojiqiuaea.j Yeas - Aid. Wines, Fillrnore, Ferguson and Kitson. - 4. Nays - Aid. Mann, Herz, Martin, Alltnendinger, O'Hearn, Taylor, Rehburg a.nd Pres. Cooley. REPORTS. OP STANDING COMMITTEES. FINANCE. To the Gommon Council : In regard to the claim of Mrs. Foley against ;he city for damages to lier property on Detroit street. The committee has had the same under jonslderation and recomrnend that the claim 3e disallowed. E. G. MANN, WM. HERZ. Aid. Martin moved that the report be accepted and adopted. Carried. To the Conimon Council i In accordance with a resolution passed at the last regular meeting, the Finance committee herewíth submits a report of the present financial condition and the probable expenditures up to February lst, 1892. Deductlng the warrants ordered at the last meeting from the clerk's report leaves the various funds in the following condition. ON OVERHAND. DRAFT. Contingent fund $ 307 63 3treet " 3,867 88 Flre " $1,871 63 Pólice " W4 53 Poor " 1,375 51 Water ' 964 71 Cemetery " 188 53 3oldlers' Relief " 604 40 U. Hosp. Bond " 810 00 Dog Tax " 100 00 Delinquent " 480 88 Balance on hand 1,952 92 Cost of salaries, light and printing for 7 months 9,100 00 Water tax for 6 months 2,595 00 From Street Fund, for 7 months, based on last year - 5,282 00 From the Poor Fund for 7 months based on last year 692 00 Hook and ladder truck 1,000 Oo Total 18,669 00 Estlmated receipts, 400 00 On band 1,952 00 2,352 00 Leave lndebtedness Feb. lst, 1892 16,317 00 Of course the expenses based on those of last year are largely peculative, but answer the purpose for a rougli estímate. The amouut of funds overdrawn on Feb. lst. of this year was $17,525 76. The following improvements have been reeommended by the Board of Public Works Two stone culverts, $350 each, $700 00 Oue stone culvert 450 00 Kepalring bridge No..2 500 00 Repairing bridge No. 3 700 00 Copingon S. U. Ave 350 00 Total 2,700 00 The favorable action of the Councll upon these would be liable to inerease the funds overdrawn slightly in excess of those of last year. Respectfully subinitted E. G. MANN, WM. HERZ. Received and placed on file. ORDINANCE. The third reading by sections of an Ordinance to amend section three of an "Ordinance Eelative to Sidewalks" adopted June 5th, 1889, and approved May 23rd 1889. Aid. Wines moved to amend relating to Detroit street so that the same relating to said Detroit street shall read as follows : On the east side of Detroit street, between Fourth Ave. and North street, which motion passed by a majority of all the Aldermen. Each voting therefor by yeas and nays, as follows : Yeas, Aids. Mann, Wines, Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Rehburg, Kitson and Pres. Cooley. 12. Nays, None. Aid. Wines moved to further amend the same by adding thereto the following : And on the Northeasterly side of Washtenaw Avenue, between East University Ave. and Hill St. Pending which Alderman O'Hearn moved to lay said last preposed amendnient on the table which motion prevailed. After which the said ordinance was passed by yeas and nays as follows : Yeas, Aids. Mann, Wines, Herz Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Rehburg, Kitson and Pres. Cooley. 12. Nays- None. The Committee on Ordinance made a further report and introduced and caused to be read the first time by title : An ordinance entitled an ordinance relative to the use of Street Railway Cara by the Public. Pres. Cooley from Committee on Map for Council room, of the City, reported that he had several bids and samples of maps, but bef ore opening the same he would ask that two more members be appointed, to act with Map committee. Alderman Wines moved that two more members of this Council be appointed to actjwith said committee. Carried. Committee, Pres. Cooley, Aids. Wines and Allmendinger. Aid. Mann moved that the appropriations asked for by the Board of Public Works at the last meeting and referred bythis Council to the Finance Committee, be now referred to the street committee. Carried. Aid. Mann moved that we now adjourn to meet again next Monday at 8 o'clock, P. M.. July 27th, 1891, in adjourned session. Council then adiourned. City Clerk.