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Ed. Branch ,of Brooklyn, was among friends here, last Monday.l C. E. Letts, of Detroit, has been here the past week looking after hls farm. Wheat and barley hare been secured In fine condition. Cyrus Updike, liivng in the soutb part of this town, was attacked by. fliis large buil, last week, and quite seriously injured. The buil gored him in tflie leg and pitched him over the fence. The animal was promptlj; butchered. By a rnisthke of the architest) the towcr of the new school building when about half way up had to be tora down and rebuiït stronger. It caused gome delay and considerable expense to the tax payers. The uaion meeting, next Sunday evei ning, wïll bc at the Baptist church. The hucklcberry erop is turaing ou4 somewhat short. They bring 9 ets. .per qirart. Fifty to seventy-five bushels a day are sliipped from here afi present. Threehiog has begun in all directdons and wheat turns out well and Is pf good quattty but ín many cases badly mixed smut balls . M. J. Lefaman wüll move lo Ann Ar ;bor, next -oek. Some new wheat has been bought here at 85 ets for red and 88 ets. for white. O ld wheat would bring 92 to 94 ets.; rye briaigs 60 ets.; oats, 35 cta barley, $1.20 per humdred. Potatoes, 60 to 65 ets.; rggs, 15 ets.; butter 14 ■ets. Wool continúes to come in slowly at 20 to 25 ets. par pooind. L. Qabcock's store lias been rente( by the Glazüer-Strong Oilstove comP any. Frank Glaziter entertained his ora ! and one other Smnday school class at J the lake, last Wednesday. : The young people had a social dance j over Arinstrong & Co's. store, last -. Wednesday nüght.