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A. J. Sweet is now depot master in Jackson. Welen Post, G. A. R. is Increasing in membership. The farmers' picnic at Whitmore Lake, August 29. St.John"s cliurch, (Catholic), in Ypsilanti, is beiim pajnted. The deposits in the l'eople's Bank of Manchester are $80,980.34. Services at the Geddes mission will be resumed next Sfundaü", August 2 . The Bridgewater farmers' picnic will be held in Palmer's grove, August 22. The Mancheeter wool buyers havo purchased 60,000 pounds of wool this scason. The Baptist aj)d Methodist churchey will be open during the month of August. Mrs. Bernard Keeaan, of Ann Arbor town, died last Friday, aged seventyfive years . , I. N. Janes has boen appointed elec trician in the naval observatory at Washington . ' Kev. Peyton Gallagher, oí Genera, X. Y., preaehed i', t V:i irew's church ast Sunday. The Presbyterian and Connr.gationa hurones wlll be closed duving the nonth of August. Birney S. Hudson, a brilliant young ollegian, has been employed as pastos í the F. B. church, in Sharon. The horticultural society will omit ts August meefling, as its memberí re too busy attending to their fruit. W. L. Marquardt, Esq., was thrown ut of his carriage in Ypsilanti, Wedesday evening, and his ankle sprained Burglars entered the house of H. Haskins, in Ypsilanti, Friday night, nd stole a hat, a neck tie and somo hoes. Alderman Eehberg, of the Fifth vard, has a little daughter at his house- one of the latest arrivals iu t&ie city . All the -tvatermelon boys are out of all exceptimg Baker and Norman. The eilatives of the othsrs paid the fino nd costs. Fred Vogel, of Freedom, secured gome silk worm eggs from Washington and is now feeding the worms mnlberry leaves. Postoffice Inspector Beaumore inspecited the Ann Arbor postoffice, laat Friday, and found everytfhing in ex cllent shape. Rev." Henry Gelston, of Deland, Flor da, will preach-at the Union services at the Cnogregational church next Sunday evening. Steffey and Sei-diss are now agents for the Detroit Free Press. Steffey Shows a good paper when he sees it. even if it is democratie. The Christian Herald, tay Talmage of Brooklyn, informs our citizens tha Prof. Harrington is Principal of the Michigan University at Ann Harbor. George Rawson, of Bridgewater, has put down a drive well 138 feet deep and at that depth struck pure water which came to within thirteen feet of the surface . The second-hand store of S. Mann on Huron street, was burglarized Fri day night, about $60 worth oi articletf being taken. The burglar broke in a renr window. The stock of Wagner & has been removed to the Bliss store, while tho ceiling of the Wagner store is being raised two feet and a new plate glass front boing put in. John Schneider, sister and child, were thrown out of a wagon on Bouth Main street, by their horse stumbling, Tuesday evening, and Mr. Schneider wás hurt about the slioulders. That popular Third ward alderman, Mr. Fillmore, is liaving an addition built to liis already handsome residence on North Spring street, besidee some inside alterations. Mr. H: i's doing the work for him. James Black wood, of South Lyon, clipped 3470 pounds of wool Irom 510 sneep this year and wants to know if that can be beaten. He doesn't teil how niuch the McKinley bill benefitted him. The dining room of the Arlington hotel is being renovated by new paper ing and painting. The Arlington is a quiet, home-like, comiortable, wellconducted hotel and deserves its growing popularity. . i The Michigan Central will run a rpeeial t-ain to Detroit eaeh morning of the (- A. II. ancanipment, leaving Ann at 7:20 a. m., roturuing leave T)et-c,i a' 0 1:. One faro tor the round t:i:. The Michigan Central will s.'U ticfc ets to Detroit chiring the encanipment good on all trains excepting ttae fast traius, tor oiv i'.ire for the round trip, good ïïoing AiLusi 1, and returnlag óp i.i August 10. The repoit v ex-Stat 015 Inspector H. D. Platt, just r.iade, sIiowh that during the six months ending July 1, the intrijectíon fees araounted to $17, 749ÓÖ, whicti after paying expense )cït a balance oí $Ö.,43G.47. John I'. Finley, of cyclone fame, son ut' Floras Finley, of Ypsilanti, has been promoted to a first lieutenancy jn the regular army and assigned to duty in the weather bureau, being established in San Francisco, Cal. Simon J. Kress, of Lodi, had a ■-heat field seven-eights of an acre in. extent, froin which 38 1-2 bushels of wheat were obtained. Brookner tand Moore did the threshin?;. This is a yiald of 43 loiushels to.the acreThe Brotherhood of St. Andrewö was organized in Hobart hall, Sunday evening, wlth twelve Charter iicmbers. The following of:'icers were elected: S. V. Beakes, director; J. W. Bennett, secretary; W. R. Price, h'easurer. Iïov. Williain Hanson, president of the Zoar orphan asylum, was the 5ues?t of Prof. Erail Baur, this week. He takes Mrs. Harscht, aged oighty, to the home for the alged and foir fhildren, whose mother is insane, into his orphanage. The people's second annual picnic will be held at North Lake about the mSddle of August. All desiring to erect stands and sell rofreshments or anything excepting liquor should apply to one of the committee, D. John' son, J. N. Jlerchant or H. Baldwin. The Afro-Americans of this city are making great preparations tq celébrate Emancipation Day, August 3. Excursions are expected fram Toledo, Jackson, Battle Creek, Ypsilanti, Lanfsing and other places. A. .1. Sawyer, Kev. Fr. Goldrick and others will rtoMver addrenscs at Relief pnrk. We have veceived the premium list of the Eastern Michigan agricultura] fair at Ypsilanti, September 15, 16, 17 and IS. The Ypailanti fair has always managed to draw a crowd and now that the motor line to this city is in good running order, they may naturally expect to see the crowd nugmented. The gasoline stove in the house of ilayor Doty, on Fifth avenue, caught fire Tuesday afternoon. The depart ment were called out and the fire extinguished without much damage. Doty, the mayo:-.? moth-r, discov ered the fire and had a narrow escapo while endeavoring to extinguish thit blaze. One of our prominent citizens, now on Nantucket Mand, Mass., says that it is so cold there that they are obliged to taks the water from the beach into the house and warm it beiore There aro over fiity vacant cottages ö-- ■ i Tho eool summer has very seriously interfered with the summer resorts. Extensive repairs are bping mado in the school house in the Mills district of Pittsfield. A new chimn.-y Is being built and a grate put in. The school house will be repapered and newly fitted up. Miss Mallory, of Dexter, who has been teaching at Delhi Mills, has been engaged as teacher and school will begin September 7. A contribution collector In one of our ehurches, a few Sundays si neo, Cöuld not suppress a smile when paling the box in a p'ew where tlie fatUer Bettlng by the side of his Uttle cliild, put in his contriWution and beforo the lK)x was removed the little íello%1 had his hand in the box tor his sharo of he contenta. The ruling passion jirevalls, even in flhurches. South Lyon has just passed an ordinance providing for a marshal, who shall be chief of pólice, and such number of policemen as the council may determine. As South Lyon has a population of only 707, it would seem that this was organizins a pretty largo forcé. But the ordinance also provides that any person who will not assist the policemen shall be üned - Mrs. Caroline Krause, of Detroit, who formerly resided in this city, ha ■ritten to the Adjutant General, U S. Army, aaking to have her son, Prederick H. Krause, transferred froni Band ünd Cavalry. Ft. Wingate, New .Mexico, to the Band 19th Infantry, stationed at Ft.Wayne, Detroit, Mich. on account of nis being more of a Biipport. Her son has also sent an application lor transfer. David Henning, a wealthy coínmiseion merchant of Chicago, who bo nianages his worldly alfairs as to havff a home in Ann Arbor ae well as h th-j Windy ICty, is at the Wayne hotel He it ts who -usually buys all tlie apple crap of Washtenaw county r.nd sliips. It to Arnong1 othev possessions he has a fins trace oí land at Ann Arbor between the Michigan Central depdt and the river wlilch the good citizens of thnt placo think he wMl fiometime irfve tliem for public park