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The entertainment of the G. A. R. by Det...

The entertainment of the G. A. R. by Det... image
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The entertainment of the G. A. R. by Detroit proves conclusively that that city can provide for large crowds. It proves that Detroit could provide for the national conventions, and steps should at once be taken to get the next democratie national convention to meet in Detroit. a The New York republicana are not entirely harmonious. President Harrison and me-too Platt have lately gone into copartnership, and Platt's henchmen now get the offices. The most notable instance is the !New York city collectorship where a republican had to resign because he was too much of a civil service reformer and Fassett a warm supporter of Platt was given the place. The supporters of Warner Miller, who feil outside the breastworks in 1888 that Harrison might be president, have on their wa paint and in the words of an old song "There may be trouble yet, you bet." The nomination of Mr. Diekinsoi would not surprise many of his friend who know how high he stands in th good opinión of certain powerfu Democratie leaders in the East anc the South. And why would not Don make a bang-up Presidential candi date? He has youth, brains, vigor courage, magnetism, and nearly al the other essential qualities of an ideal popular leader; and it is almos certain that he would run better in New York than either Cleveland o Hill. He is f ree from any factiona entanglements, and his public record- like his private life- is stainless. - Lansing Journal. Our readers will find a plain anc fctraightforwaïd statement from Capt Manly on our second and third page in the form of a letter to the board o managers of the soldiers' home i Grand Rapids. The statement bear the impress of honesty. The boar must stand up and answer. Why wa Quartermaster Shank reinstated i three members of the board bore witness to his incompetency V Why wa his insubordination not sufficient t secure his dismissal ? Why was hi salary increased ? Did Shank pa more than the marketprice forarticles Did he buy more provisions than need ed ? Did he raise salaries unnecessai ily 'i Evidently there is need of an investigation. It should be thorough The Soldiers' Home is a great expens to the State. No rottenness should b tolerated in its management. Competitive examinations for the federal service in Indiana- the seconc term campaign has not yet hit the state as it has the New York custom house - are bringing many democrat into the offices, much to the disgust o the republican workers. In Carrol county complaint is made that the democrats outstrix the republicans ii the examinations, which shows, say the Civil Service Chronicle, that the stupidity and ignorance of the countr is uot all conflned to the former. Thi situation "is galling" to the Delphi Journal; ''it is an outrage on the re publicans who work in the trenches, and would it be remarkable if it led to disaster':"' Another "galling" fact, according to the Chronicle, is that under the new secret ballot law selling and boodle-handling are nov pretty dead industries in the state This may explain why Dudley is wearj enough of politics to resign from the national committee.- Springtield Republican. Pension Agent Harvey, of this state, reports 31,904 pensioners living in this state June 30, of whom two are widows of soldiers in the Revolutionary war and 226 are widows of the war of 1812, 11 are survivors of that war and 1,226 are children. Some 3;5So new names were added to the rolls and 1,598 stricken off. The Revolutionary war was over 110 years ago, and yet two widows of veterans of that war are in this state drawing pensions to-day. Which would strongly indicate that young girls sometimes marry old veterans long years after the war is over for the purpose of drawing pensions after their death. The pension laws should be amended in this respect. There is no very valid reason for pensioning them, as they were not even born at the time the pensions were earned.