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The Teachers Resolve

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The teachers attending the Insti tute at Dexter, adopted the following resolutions: We, the teachers of Washtenaw Co,, liaving assenibled in the capacity of 3 County Teachers' Institute at Dexter conducted tiy S. T. Morris, M. J. Cav anaugh and J. L. Skinner, do adopt the following resolutions: l&t. That the departmental plan of constant work in the manner ol academie instruction, which involve. the mutual co-operation of teachers and instructors, is condusive to more benefit than accustomed plans of tho previous instructors, is otar unanimous voice. That the hearty interest of the teach er bears testimony of good work oq their part and an appreciated ability, and zeal on the part of the conduciors. 2d. Bo it resolved that we ten der out mostsincere thanks to the in structors for the interest manifeste by them in our work and the aid they lui' giveu us. 3rd. Be it resolved that the grad ing systena of the Washtenaw county schools, as effectually introduced bj; Commissioner Cavanaugh, secretary o county board of examiners, bears good results and is the first step towards union, whereby the district schools will bear the same relation to the high school as the high school to the university. Signed,