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Sulphur Bitters

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9 THE CREAT j Germán Kemedy 3 TRUTHS FOR THE SICK. For those deathly 1,000 will be paid J Bilious Spells depend for a case where Sul■ on Sulphi'h Bitphur Bitters will J TERS, it will cure you. not assíst or cure. It T,n ,n„ ,.„ï.r wit!, T" fails thattiredandallgone cicanse the vitiated ííeeling? If so, use blood when you see JSülphub Biiteks; it9 mnurities burstA 't will cure you. ing through the skin M Operativos who are Pimples, Blotches, Jcloselycounnedinthe and Sores. Kely on milis and workshops; Si'lphitr Bitters, Jelerks who do not and Health wil! folV procure suüicient exlow -- Jercise, and all who sCLpnDR Bitters Tare confined mdoors, will cure Liver ComJslionldnse SiTLPnuii pI.ünt. Don't be disJ Bitters Tliey will cowraged; it will cure M not then be weak and vou 3 sickly. ' J If vou do not wish ?,V"Pf?VR BlTTER? Jto sulfer iromKhenmwill bnild you up and Jatism, use a bottle of .mafeyu 6tr0"S ma ÍSulphur Bitters; nealthy. jitnever fails to cure. sulphür Bitters Don't be without a will rnake your blood ■4 bottle. Try it; you pure, ricli and strong, Iwill not regret it. and your flesh hard. ■ Ladies in delicate Try Sulpiu'r BitJhealth", who are all ters to-night, and rnn down, should use you will sleep well j Splphi'k Bittek1. and feel better for it. Do yoa want the best Medical Work publishec Send three 2-ct. stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co.t Boston, Slass., and receive a copy f ree.