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[OFFICIAL.] COUNCIL CHAMBER, I Ann Arbor, AutfU6t 3, 1S91. f Recular meetiDg. President Cooley being absent, the Council was called to order by the City Clerk. Roll eall. Present - Aid. Mann, Martin, AUmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Rehberg, and Kiteon- 9. Absent - Aid. Wines, Herz, Hall, and Pres. Cooley - 4. A quorum being present, on motion of Aklerman Kitson, Alderman T;iylor was elected president pro tem. The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. To the Common Councü; The Board of Public Works respectfully report and recommend, that the followiiijí sidcwalks be ordered built: On the west side of Spring street from Sumniit to Chubb streets, and on the nortli side of Chubb street from Spring street to the entrance of the Catholic cemetery. By order of the Board of Public Works. W. J. Milljsi!, Clerk. Referred to Sidewalk Committee. KEPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES, FINANCE. To the Comfnon Council: Your Committeie on Finance respectfully report that they have had the folio bilis under conalderatipn And would i-ecoinniend their allowance at sums yt atril. CONTINGENT FUND. w, J. Miller, salary 66 66 E. B. Norrte, " -'5 00 Martin Clark, quarter salary. inspector 25 00 Jacob stark. quarter salary, .ianitor.25 00 W.J Miller, gupplies --- ' 20 Telephone and Teiegraph ConBtruction o 39 58 S. V. Beakes, three months' ealary... 25 00 William Herz, painting and varnishing Council room 50 00 E. F. Mills & Co , carpet and matting lor Council chamber 67 75 Ann Arbor T.-H. Electric Co., Street iightê 540 00 Ann Arbor T.-H. Electric Co., city clerk'8 office 2 00 Sid W. Millard, printing 5 0 Mi86 Josephine Henion, typewriting.. 2 50 Total $ 875 6 STREET FUND. Nelson Sutherland, salary, 66 f Smith Motley, " 50 00 George B. Schwab, estimate6 on bridges No.2ando 6 00 John Burns 1] James Tolbert, l'reight on lumber. 6 ' Molfutt, Eatherly & Co., lumber 4!' - William Herz, 4 signs for bridges 4 ( Gustavo Wakers, labor 38 '. James Burns, " '7! Frank Shultz, " 33 90 Micuael Kinney, " 30 9 Mlehael Schneider, ' 271 Win. Kuehu, " . ;iti 1 Patrick McCabe. " . 801 Joseph Hurzel, ' 301 Chañes Hadke, " 37 6a Charles Hmtz, "1 2160 Willis Clark, " au 2 Wm. Nimps, " 28 S J. Drake, " 28 51 Henry Alper, " 6( Herman Bnchol7, " 12 t Pavid Taylor, '" 3 0 David Gates, " 5 25 Frank Sutherland, labor 4 4. Geo. Collins estáte, cement 5 2 John Miller, labor 3 4 Peter Pe teréon. labor 3í Annrew Zeijder, labor 15 9 Matt. Luypold, labor 2 40 John Shiploek, labor 3 0 Henrj' Kadke, labor 3 6 Fred. Geise, labor 9 90 Carlos HUÍ, labor . 10 0( Valen tine Alger, labor 7 5 Abram Tice, labor 9 00 Edward Butler, labor 11, Auton Spies, labor 14 2 Karl Yarndt, labor 9 9 Joe Buil, labor 15 H. Kitredge, teaming 3 5 Eugene Williams, labor 23 9U Jacob Michfielder, labor 31 6. Michael Williams, labor 33 7 ('baríes E. Godfrey, teaming 3 5 J. A. Herben, teaming 6í Thomas Easrle. teaming 17 Daniel Crawf ord, teaming 36 f John Stqll, teaming 8 0 Chris. Dietene, teaming, 5 2 Thomas Hannon, teaming 35 01 Jacob Hauser, teaming, 44 (K John McHugh, teaming 12 2. Alben Petteys, teaming, ]6 i Geo. Weeks, teaming . 70 Kichard Burns, teaming 55 6n Zenus Sweet, teaming 4551 P. D Kogere, teaming _ 61 9; Nelson Sutherland, teaming 25 38 Emil Baur, teaming-. S. Wood & Co. lumber.. 93 5" Heinzmaun & Lavibengayer, salt 1 8i Waghtenaw county, stone 2 01 Schuh Sc Muehlig„suppHes 1 33 68 John Baurngardner, stone 81 37 Total $ 1,387 80 F1KE DEPARTMENT FDMD. Fred Sipley, Balary 60 00 C. A. Kdwards, salary 40 00 Louis Hoelzle, suUry 40 00 Henry McLaren, salary 40 00 Charles Carroll. salary 40 00 Morgan Williams, salary 40 08 Herman Kirn, ealary 8 00 Kobert Eoss, salary 8 00 Louis Weinmann, ealary 8 00 John Kinney , salary 8 00 Sam McLaren, salary 8 00 Heinzmann & Co., supplies 3 00 Clark & Jones, straw 160 Mrs. B. Ream. washing 4 00 I). Malloy, repairs, harness i U0 Charles Kaef, straw.. 2 06 Geo, B. Schwab, plans for hose tower. 8 00 W J. Miller, expresa and freight charles 6 90 Seagrave & Co., Hook and Ladder Co., 1,000 00 Geo. Jedele, hay 8 78 H. D. Edwards & Co., two pipes and ehut-off nozzles 45 00 E. B. Presión ík Co., metal polish 2 50 Total $1,382 84 PÓLICE Fl'NI). James R. Murray, salary 65 00 David Collins, salary 50 00 Clarence Tice, salary 50 00 Frank J. Campion, special pólice 2 00 Charles Tollever, cleaning office 175 J. A. Polhemus, use of hack 100 Jos. Clay, burying dog 50 Wni. G. Snow, use of' hacks 5 00 William Herz, paiming and papering marshal's office 10 00 Total S 191 25 FOOR FUND. S. Blitz, clothing t 100 T. E. Burger, nursing :; (in rtoty Feiner, shoes 150 John Goetz & Son, groceriee 2 98 John Goetz, jr., " 100 David Gatea, draying l 50 W. F, Lodholz, groceries 16 il Wm. H.McIntyre, " 7 80 EUnsey & Seabolt, " 4 54 Caapar Elnsey, " 8 W Wm. G. Snow, hack to county house.. 1 00 Jacob rt'erner, gxoceries 5 00 Mrs. Evans, aid 6 00 MissShaw, aid ij CKJ Total 8 50 80 RECAPITDLATION. Contingent Fund f 875 69 Street " 1,387 80 Fire Department Fund l,üt2 84 Pólice Fund 191 25 Poor " 50 80 Total 18,888 38 Eespectfully submitted. E. G. Mank, Wm. Herz, Finalice Conamittee. Aid. Mann moved that the report be accepted and adopted and warrants ordered drawn for the same, which motion prevailed by yeas and nays as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Renberg and Kitson - 9. Nays - None. B D T i' LE.MESÏA 1! Y REFORT . STREET KUM). Jacohiis & Son, building fence and uidewalk í m 97 CBHBTBBT FUSD. Jaoobus&Son, building foiice, fortyelghtrods 141 60 Total ! Ilespectfiilly snbmitted. E. G. Mann, W.M. HEEZ, Finance Committec. Aid. Mann moved that the supplementary report be accepted and adopted and warrants drawn for the same, which motion prevailed by yeas and nayi as follows: Yeaa - Aid. Mann, Martin. Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Renberg, and Kitson- 9. Nays - None. ORDINANCE. The second reading by sections of an ordinance entitled " An Ordinance relative to the Use of Street Railway Cars by the Public." M'ÜKRÏ. To the Hon. Common Councü of the City of Ann Arbor, Mich.: Your Committee on Streets has had tne following recommendations from the Board of Public works under consideration: To appropriate $350 for a enlvert on Hill street; $35(1 for a culvert on Fifth street; $450 for a culvert on Felch street; $350 for coping on South University avenue and for tile culvert on Washtenaw avenue. In regard to the culverts we think tnat inasmuch as the streets are little frequented and a small outlay for planks and timber would put them in as good a condition as new, it is not advisable at this time to undertake the construcción of entirely new culverts. The coping on South University avenue is a-matter which may be deferred until next year to advantage, owingto a press of more necessarv improvements claiming immediate attention. As regards the bridges No. 2 and No. 3, we recommend that No. 2 be repaired with timber as suggested by the Board of Public Works, and that an estímate of the cost of a substantial iron bridge be submitted for No. 3. The tile culvert on Washtenaw avenue is unnecessary for the present, as the old one will last another year. E. G. Mans, Walter L. Taylob, A. P. FjEBGTJSON.' Aid. Manu moved that the repor be accepted and the committee dis charged from the f urther consideratioi of the same, which motion prevailed REPORTS 01" CITY OFFICERS. CITY TREASURER'S BEPOKT FOB THE MOKTH ENDING JULY 31, 1891. To the Common Council of the City oj Ann Arbor: Balance on hand as per last report ÏS,3ii7.83 MONEY BECEIVED. Contingent Fund- Murray offloers i'ees 10.65 Conting-ent Fnnd - Miller, lieenses 1050 Firemens' Fund- Chief Sipley 13.00 Delinquent Tax Fund, from County Treasurer 76.84 Total ..$8,408.82 $8,408.8. MONEY DISBURSED. Contingent Fund 81,175.82 Street Fuud 1,603.17 Firemen's Fund - 395.94 Pólice Fund 180.50 PoorFund 87.91 Water Fund 2,595.00 Cemetery Fund Total $6,(35 34 BALANCE ON HAND. Contingent Fund overdrawn t 1433 Street Fund, overdrawn 3,892.75 Firemen's Fund Ïl,87ai3 PoliceFund 661.03 PoorFund 1,381.79 WaterFund 964.71 Cemetery Fund 188.53 Soldiere' Relief 604.40 University Hospital Aid Bond Fund 840.00 Delinquent Tax Fund 404.04 Dog Tax Fund 100.00 Total ï,618.59 $4,218.11 Total balance on hand $2,370. 8 Kespectfully submitted, S. W. Bbakes, City Treasurer. Ann Arbor August 1, 1891. Ass Arbor Savings Bank, ) Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 1, 1891. j Td the Common Countil: This is to certify that there is a balance in this bank to the credit of S. W. Beakes, City Treasurer, the sum of Twenty-thrèe hundred and sixty-nine and 66-100ths dollars ($2,369.66). Tí pcnotfi 1 1 v Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier. The Treasurer's report was received and ordered spread upon the minutes. The reports of the City Clerk, City Marshal and Superintendent of the Poor were read and ordered placed on file. Bids being opened for printing the Council proceedings in pamphlet form, ;he following bid was received: W. J. Killer, City Clerk, Ann Arbor, Dear Sir: We will f urnish 50 copies of Council proceedings, in pages as )er sample f urnished last week, using ;he matter as appears in the Courier, for twenty-five cents per pae. Respectfully, J. E. Beal. Aid. Martin moved that the bid of ;he Courier be accepted and the contract awarded it, which motion prevailed by yeas and nays as follows: Yeas - Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmenlinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Kehberg, and Kitson- 9. Nays- Kone. MOTIOÑS AlíD RESOLUTIONS. By Aid. Martin: Resolved, That the sutn of live hunIred dollars be and the same is liereby appropriated i'ioiu tiie street fund for he repair of river bridge number two. Yeas - Mann, Martin, Allmeninger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Feiguson, Taylor, Behberg, and Kitson- 9. Ñays - None. By Aid. Martin: Resolved, That the Board of Public Works do advise this Council of the urn of money required to build and onstruct a suitable iron bridge across he Hurón river at bridge No. 3. Council Proceedings. (Coucluded.) "VVhich uiotion prevailed. By Aid. Allflaendinger: Resolved, That the following sidewal8 be and are hereby ordered graded and constructed within ten days from August 10, on the west side of Spring street. and in front of lots and premisos owned and occupied by the following named persons: A H . Fillmore. The soutli half of lot Í, Hiscoek'sZd addlt1n; tilso the west half or the north half of loto, Hiscock's 2d additioc; also lot 6. Hiscock's -tï addition. Jacob Gauzhorn. Lot 4, Hisooek's improved 8 Jobn Paok. The east half of the north half of lol 5, Hiseock's addition Daniel Hiscock. Lot 3, Hiscock's improved addition. The eaid sidewalks shall bo iive feet in widbh and shall bc constructed of good pine plank, tree lrom sap, which hall be not less than two inches in tnickness, imore tlian twelve or less ttoa tive inches wide, and laid on oak, cedar, pine or hemlock sleepers not less 1han two by Cour juches in size, iL foe placed in pairs ii(ot more than four ieet aRart. The plank Hall be laid lenfítihwise of the street and shall "be laid with nails not less than twenty penny, witih at least two at each end of each plank and not less than two at a.ny other bearing. They shall be raised from the cnrbstone In the proportion of eiicflit inphes in 20 feet and conform to the established grade. In ■case the ownejr or oeenipant in front of which said walk is hereby ordered laid shall neglect -to build said) walk in accordance with the reaoiution and the ordinance of ttve city within the time herein limited, it shal' b? the duty of the Board of Public Works to t once cause this same to be don in accordance with, 'the resolution and tuake report tnereof andl of the cost of the sama to the Common Council, in accordance witii thef ordinance.s .of the city. yeas - Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmenainger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Eeliberg, and Kitson- 9. Nays- None. Ey Aid. Allmendinger: Eesolved, That the following sidewalks be and are liereby ordered graded and constructed within ten days from August 10, on the north side óf Chubb street, and in front of lots and premises owned and occupied by the following named persons: Adolph Betke. That certaiu pieee or parcel of land situated in the city of Aun Arbor, being part of Section 20, town 2 south, range 6 east. bounded as follows: Comnieucing at a black oak tree eight inches in diameter, 4 chains and 27 links west of the center of said Section 20, and thence sputh 8 degrrees west to the center of Hiseock's road; thence west alona; said road to the center line of said section ; thence east to a point 2 chaius 60 links west of the place of beginning : thence north 30l2 degrees east 1 chain and 86 links; thence 2 ehains and 25 links to the place of beginning: about three-quarters of an acre. Lawrence Hughes. Lot commencing at the center of Section 20, town 2 south, range 6 east; therace west 5 ehains and 37 links thence south 2 chains and 50 links to Hiscock's road; thence easterly along the center of said road to the north and south center line of said section; thence north 7 chains 45 links to the place of beginning; except one acre of iand off of the west side of said description. Mrs. M Long. Lot bounded south by Chubb road, east by cemetery, north by Galiek's and west by Hughes' land. The sadd sidewálks shall be five feet in iwidt'h and shall be constructed of good pane plank, ree from sap, which dhall ibe uot less than two inches in thickness, more than twelve or less tham Sive inches wide, and laid on oak, cedáis piine or hemlock sleepers not less thaji two by tour inches in size, to be placed ín pairs not more tjhan four feet apart. Tlie plank shall be laid lengtlhwise of the stre'et and shall 'be laid witih nails not less than twenty penny, witih at least two at eacli end of each plank and not less tJiau two at any other bearing. They shall be raised from tlie curbstone in the propoïtion of eifëlht inches in 20 feet and -conform to tihe established grade. In case the ownex o_r occujpaflt In front of which said w;i. ■■ is htreby ordered laid shall neglect to build saidi walk in accordance with. the resoilution and the ordinance of the city within the time herein Minitod, it shall be the duty of the Boavd of Public Works to at onoe cause tihe same to be done in acccH-dance with tlns rso'ivMon and make report thereof and of the cost of the .samij to the Common Council, in accordañce wiBh tha ordinances -of the city. Yeas- Aid. Mann. Martin, Allmendinger, Fillniore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, 'Taylor, Renberg, and Kitson- 9. ïïays - None. PETITIONS. A petition was received from the ■property owners on Brook street, Third ward, asking for a fire hydrant on said street. Eef erred to Water Committee. A communication was received from Mack & Schmid asking permission to discharge clear water from a waterpower elevator into the glitter on the south side of their store. The petition "was denied. A communication was received from the Business Men's Association relativa to sewerage. On motion, the communication was laid upon the table by a vea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Fergusou, Taylor, Renberg- 7. Nays- Aid. Mann and Kitson- 2. Aid. Martin moved to reeonsider the vote by which the communication was laid upon the table, which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, Taylor, Kitson- 6. Nays- Aid. O'Hearn, Ferguson, Renberg- 3. After discussion, the motion to lay upon the table being again put, it prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Renberg- 5. Nays- Aid. Mann, Martin, Taylor, Kitson - 4. The Council then adjourned. W. J. Miller. City Clerk. Ancestral Comparisons- "Miss Blew budd (proudly)- "My grandfather was a Virginia Taylour." Newby- "Indeed! Well, to be equal ly candid, mine was a Jersey City butcher." '&J.HÍM