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Dont Waste Your Money

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on inferior Hoao but get the .TRAPE S PIRAL" ARK The "Spiral" Cotton Hosehavlngnooutsldecoverlnp ío hold the moisture, as Rubber hose does, driosli kon towe!. Of course tliereareimitations; thcre are ƒ '() L'R WAYS however, by whfch you can teil If the dealer Is trying to sellaninferiorhose. The Genuine " Spiral" has I. A bl&clt lioe wovett in: B sur it s BLACK, not 4arH, blue, rtI or ai?ytbio? ut bl&cK. II. T Stencil "'SPIRAU' I!ktenteI &rcb 30, 1 880," op every leogtl?. III. TbCORKUGATEDCOUPL.IrtGan4 BñHD s in cut. IV. Exch lengte 5 qow put up witft a PIVSK VRAPPER &rounI tfre bose ijezir ti? couplirjj. A sample lüill bc sent f ree if you vuntion tbis publication. Sold everytobefe. BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Manf'rs. of Rubber' Beiting and Packing, 226 Devonshire St., Boston] 205 Lake St„ Chicago 8 Bush St„ San Francisco.