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The Way It Appears Outside

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Th? Adrián Press oí List Friday thua dishea up Waahtena-w Items: A Manchester doctor drove 90 raiUs one day last week. Kapps all tlitr drives on record. A dizzy spell seized a Manchester man last week, and he feil off a sidewalk and broke au arm. # # # ii A number of Manchester saloonlst$ have reeently been led to ths judgmem seat by fhe state bull-rlng. They had forgotten all about the state tax. A base-ball that was traveling about for pleasure, eutered the window o the Dexter expresa office last week and Jay Keith had a tooth knoeked out. His judgment was "foul buil.' # M The marshal of Aan Arbor, assistei] by only oae patrolman, made twenty one arrests the iirst three daye of last week. They would have mucli better work except for a slight defect in one of the eyes of the patrolman. Fred Vogel, of Fre dom.Washtenaw is feeding silk worms, and they in turn are doing a little spinning for him. This is his first season of silk raising. He will probably try it one more seaeon and tjien the. spinning wheel wil be put away. The pauper silk oi Italy and France beats ths home pro duction, in every instance, rrgardlesj of the tariff. That the normal is a most exci'lbn; educational institution, flnds convine ing proof in the fact that a young lady aged 14, wlio reeently passed a highly creditable examination therc drove the horses on a reaper last week to cut ten acres of grain. Your theo'ogical young farmer, who eouldn't teil a reaper Irom a car of jug gernaut, is a gradúate of the agricu'ltural college, but the practical far meress comes froni the normal. A knock-down and drag out figh occurred one night last week in the Washtenaw jail. A tramp believing that the earth was his and the fuHnes1? thereof (whenever he could get''full") tried to throw an YpsUantian out of his bunk. The Xpsian knocked the as tigmatism out of the tramps' eye Then others got mixed in and befora the sheriff could get at them, half the popultaion of the jail were fit subjeets for hospital treatment. The best run ever made by Brakeman Wm. Robbins ,of tlie Wabasl) local, was 3 1-2 miles, made out o MÜan, last week. The train had sidi, tracked there, when a couple o tramps sprang int othe caboose, stolt Robbins" vest, gold watch and $5Q and fled. Robbins followed in ho pursuit and the race was kept up the :s 1-2 miles, when hearing the brake mr. n pufiiiig close behind, with a íul head of steani on, the vermin covered thieves dropped the' goods and sidetracked into the woods. Unless misfortune gets the upper hands of us, we shail, in the future, Qttempt to be aided in collecting item.í liy the aid of a Columbia safety.- Saline Observer. After attempting to be aided by that new Columbia, the Saline man's first item wül probably read something like this: "Our readers will pardon the lack of local news witb which our columns are crowded thij week. We have had our nurse prop us up in bed long enough to announeu that while operating our new two wheèléd propeller, we had the misfor tune to bump against a citizen whom we knocked down and by whom w? were ücked. We hope to be aroimd again ncxt week as usual; meanwhili; the propdlér is for snle at a bargain."