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Edward Seyler is at Bay View. # Misa Alta Parker la vlsiting in Lan :KtiiK. W. W. "Watts went to Grand Rapids Tuesday evening. J. H. Ryan returaqd Trom West Superior, yqsterday. Aid. Louis P. Hall has returned from his trip to Alaska. County Treasurer Brehm is expected ■back fi-om Dirluth, Tuewday. Charles Jones, of Wichita, Kansas is visiting okl friends here. , Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Walker returne( irom Grand Kapids Friday. Mrs. Charles We.issert, oí Hastings is vlsiting Mrs. Wm. Allaby, jr. Ernest Monahan, of Chicago, is vis iting his unele, George Clarken. Miss Jennie Foster is making som fWeiuls in Detroit happy by a vLsit. Mrs. Edward Duffy, of Plttsburgh Pa., is visiting her mother, 5frs. Galick Mrs. E. E. Beach, of Chicago, i visiting at her father's, Mr. Jay Tay lor's. Mrs. E. Cook and daughter, of Port land, Oregon, are -isiting Mrs. D. M. Tyler. Mary and Sarah Clarkson have re turned home from their -rfisit in Man phester. Mr. aod Mrs. Van Buren, oí Maniste have been visiting Mr .and Mrs. Moses Seabolt. Dr. Kominger and wife have return ed from their visit to Wurtemberg Germany. Miss Mattie Otto is home again at J. S. Schairer's, from West Point, Nebraka. H .B. Shoemaker, now on the Chi cago Times, was visiting in the city this week. Postmaster Beal. after taking io the encampment at Detroit, visiteíj in Alpena. Mr. and Mrs.Killelea.nee Minderman of Milwaukee, Wis., are visiting friend. in the city. Mr. anti Mrs. George N .Henion arj vlsiting in Clinton, III., and Ceda Rapids, Iowa. Judgo Babbitt is again an Iron Wonntain vieitor. Legal business cal led him there. Wïlliam Bain, of Webster, was in the c!ty yasterday, on hls Wfty liomc irom Dundee. Mis. M. E. ürinknoll, of Uogansport, Ind., is visiting friends in the city for i couplo of weeks. Chas. Manly, jr., arrived Thursclay evening of last week, having driveij Irom Grand Eapids. Mrs. Edwards, nee L'ucy Yolz, o Baltimore, Md., is Tisiting her par nts for a few weeks. Mr. and Airs. N. P. Jacobs, of CM cago, are visiting their mother, Mrs. Jacob Stornis for two weeks. Hon. Lyman D. James, of Williams burg, Mass., is visiting hls cousin, J Ii Babcock, on N. División street. Miss Eva Schairer, of Saline, who ha been visiting in Nebraska, for the past few years, arriyed home, Monday even Ing. Mjrs. Hemy Tatlock and daughter JLouise, rötuincd Friday f rom a four öays' visit in Detroit with Mts. Dr Wells. John Bmith and daughter, Mis Kittie, of Ann Arbor town, leave Sat indiiy for a two weeks' trip around the lakes. Hon. William Steufer, wife and son of AVest Point, Xebraska, are here visiting tbelr parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Sehaiver. Mrs. Tina Gooeh, of Selbina, Mo. who has been visiting lier parents Mr .and Mrs. P. N. Tagge, retorne! home Wednesday. Benjamin Broira and daugluer, Mis Matüda Brown, left Monday for q three weeks' outing, going iirst tQ Albion by carriage. Dr. "V. D. BiUmeyer, of Chattanooga Tenn., who with hls wife are vlsiting ex-Sheriff Wallace, of Saline, was in the city this week. Miss Gracie Jennelle, of Detroit, lias escaped the crush ia that city thia week, by spending pleasant days with friends in this'city. Kev. Peyton Gallagher returned Tuesday from W'indsor, Canada, whert he was asdisting Rev. Canoa Hincks at AU Saints church. Mrs. Wiley E. Reynolds, with hei Bister, Mra. Stanley, and Prof. Stanley are visiting Mrs. E. J. Babcock, on Nortli División street. L'etter Carrier Ware was called by telegram to Rochester, N. Y., Wednes day aiternoon, to soe his father, who is not cxpected to live. Mts. L'. K. Goulette, of Reed City who has been making a prolongedvisit with her relatives in this city returned home Tuesday. Mrs. Essie Smith, nee Pitkin, an( chUdren, arrhed Monday evening, fron Baxter, Kansas, on a visit to her raother, Jlrs. JuÜa Titkin. Grilbert S. Pitkin, of Petrolia, Ont. arriv,ed in the city last Saturday eve fling and left with his wife and chil-? ior 'Ne'w York oa "R'ednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas East, of Pittsfleld, arrlved In Ñew Vork, Tuesday, where tiu-y took the ressel, City ol tierw Voi-k, for Lottdoh, England, Mr. and Mrs. Myron MUIs, of 18 Summit stroet, west, are enjoylng a visit fromMr. Mills' sister, Mrs. Ball of Beatrice, Neb., who is accompanie2 by a youag sou and daughter. Miss Emma E. Eanfield, the emi neat teacher of penmanship in tlu city schools the paat year, and who fcy the way, is the author'and paten t?e of a new and Improyed copy-boob for students In penmanshlp, whieh slu in haying introduced into the schooH of this and other states, and whicli KiveH promise of being not only a Krent boon to the struggling and in numerable chirographist, but a lio nanza for herself, has just returned f rom a viait to Detroit, probably pombination of business and pleasure.