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Sewerage Again

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The sewerage question promises to come up again at the council meeting next Monday evening. It is a subjeci like poor Banquo's ghost which wil not down. It has come to be the dread of many au alderman. Why? Well there are people who want sewers, anc people who don't ; people who want sewers, but don't want this kind o: sewerage ; and people for whom no other kind of sewerage would do There are people who think that the Hurón river will purify all the sewage of the city of Ann Arbor, and people who tlünk that to pour all the filth into the gently flowing strearn would cause it "to smell to high heaven,'' to drop back into Shakespearian phraseology. To vote or not to vote, that is the question. Whether it were better to bear'the ills we liave, or to tly to those we know not of. Whecher it were better to recommend to the people to vote for sewerage, or not to so vote. Each alderman may well feel that he'll "be d if he does and d if he don't," and may then follow his own convictions. But in the meantime, some of them may think it were better to do a little quiet investigating.