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t6illett'5 tQuicKest Best fTbe ONLY YEAST ruakns Bread WI)1CI} (M Preveots VB a Cures F'Dyspcpsia NEVER A FAILTJRE. The Red River Valley oí Minnesota and North Dakota lias never had a failure of crops. Et produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1890. Farms can be had on the erop plan, or long time cash payments. It is not an uncommon thing to pay for a farm from the proceeds of one erop. It has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal &railway facilities and all the chances of a new country in the way of cheap lands, rich soil, and increase in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not yet fully occupied. In the rush to the far west, however, this rich valley has been over-looked. It has room for a million more people. Write to F. I. WIIITNEY, St. Paul, Minn. for particulars. Publications sent free. ïfefS -V , ■ ■ . ,';, iKint-L-iveil. Wil T VÍSS ■! ■ '-" ■ vi-r600.00 I I j- ... ■ " . min llie work and live { r rr jr'"' ' '" ■' ' " ""ii are. l'.vtnbe L 7 S uí&Sfc&Si s ■'■ '■"'■ tinilnr from 4 w ' " ''[ï','" '■'■ 'it' Min?'. Wvthi.w vouhow -ï T rft . ■- ,.., ,',, w„rl. i„M;.,re,. T t iLï3 ' ■'- .vfi,rork( ,' ;J -l ,,-. 1,1' mil; ■■■-.. .i alniinK Ihrm. 5J.:-!lrlf - '- '■■ "- ""♦ r".'ttliiil. M iline TRUCK STORÁGE. Now we are ready with a NEWBRIOKSÏ0REHOU3E for the storsge of householrt goods, pianos, books, stoves etc . Moving ot' household goode and pianos carel'ully doper All kinds of heavy and iig'litdrayiug. Freight work. C. E. GODFUEï, Kesidence and ofBce 40 Fourtb Avenue North. eTeleplione 82.J c7w7voGÏËLr ANN STKEKT. CHOICEST CUTS OF STEAKS AU kinds of MKATS AND SAUS AG ES. Fresh lard alwayp in stock. Poultrv m seasnn. CAKFER'SI i f Bul BH 3 Blek Headache and relieve all tho tronólas íncrdent to a büious etate oí tho syutom, suoh aa Biiiiness ÏTausea, Drowsinuss, Distreso aftec eatiag.I'aiuin the Side, &o. XVhilo theirmost remarkablo success has boeu bIiowü In curiug Jïeaaacbe, yet Cart6r"3 Littla Livar PHÖ ara eoually Taluabloin Constipation, curingandpravtntüigthisannoyingconiplaint,whilotlioj-alaa corroct all disorders of tbostomachtimnlate the Jive' and regúlate the bowels. Evon if they onlj cured a BHO tgqhK Aclifitheywonldbealmostpriceleestotliosewha EuferfrcmthisdistreBRiogcomplaint; butfortujaately their goodness does notend here.and thosa trhooncetrythemwillflnd these littlopillsvalaoble tn so many ways that thoy will not bo wilJlng to do without them. But aiter allaick hea4 fis üie bane of so many lires that here Is whera Yïemakeourgreatboaat. Our pillscureitwhila ethers do not. Carter1 Little Liver Pilla are very email and very eaey to take. One or two pills makea doee. They ara striotly vegetable and do not gripe or puree, but by their gentío action please all who use them. lavialaat 25 cents ; flvefor$l. Solo by druggiïts tTerywliera, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALLPILL. SMALLDOSE. SMALLPfUGE