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Remembering His Enemies

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Mr. Edward Worüey Montagu, son of the famous Lady Mary, endeavored to be very sarcastic in his last will and testament. After some insignificant bequest "To my noble and worthy relatíoa the earl of ," he adds: "I do not give his lordship any further part of my property, because the best part of that he has contrived to take aïraady. Item - To Sir Francds Iive ane word of mine, because he neer ha&flgood fortune to keep his asm. Dam - To Lord M. I give nothing, becanse I know he will bestow that on the poor. Item- To Sir Robert W. I lea-ro my poHtkal opinions, never doabting he can well turn them into cash who has always fotmd such an excellent market for his own." -All the Year Round. For neuralgia, make a small muslin bag and fill it with salt, heat it very hot and lay it against the aching place. It will prove a great relief, as salt retains the heat a long time.


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