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M. Staebler went to Inkster Mon. day. Attorney E. F. Johnson was in Toledo on Wednesday. Dr. D. P. McLaughlin. of York, was in the city Monday. Rev. Fr, Kelly was in Detroit, on offical business, Tuesday. S. W. Clarkson andlittle daughter spent Suaday in Manchester. Henry Seabolt, of Sioux Falls, is in the city visiting friends. Henry Schneider, of Detroit, visited his freinds over Sunday. Miss M. E. Goodale is visiting her friend, Miss Lovejoy, in Detroit. Dr. C. E. Henderson and wife, of Mason, are visiting in the city. S. W. Clarkson and daughter Sarah spent Sunday in Tecumseh. Miss Annie E. Shannon is enjoying a visit with relatives in Ypsilanti. J. F. Lawrence has been rusticating at Strawberry Point this week. New York and Boston are having the honor of a visit from Sam Lanesdorf. Miss Veva Comwell, of North División street, is at a sea-side resort. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Beakes left Tuesday evening for a short trip up the lakes. Miss Laura James, of Ypsilanti, is visiting R. Shannon and family this week. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor returned from a visit in Indiana Saturday. Mrs. Dr. Cheever has returned home from a trip down the St. Lawrence. Mrs. W. H. Pettee and daughter returned home Thursdry after a trip up the lakes. T. D. Kearney, who has been visiting his parents at Whitmore, returned Wednesday. Mrs. S. W. Clarkson and two little daughters went to Detroit, Wednesday; for a few days. Mr. Ed. Edmunds, of Saginaw, formerly of this city, was visiting friends here last week. Wil] R. Price left Tuesday for a trip to Petoskey, Wequetonsing and other summer resorts. Rev. Mr. Tatlock and the choir boys of St. Andrew's church are camping at North Lake. H. M. Taber, of Packard street, has gone to Jamestown, N. D., on a three months' visit. Miss Alice Root, who has been in Europe for the past fifteen months, returned home Saturday. Mr. I. Kersey, of Bedford, Iowa, is visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. J. Storms of the north side. Mrs. Brinknell, formerly of this city, but now of Logansport, Ind., is here visiting many friends. Mr. E. E. Beach, of Chicago, carne Sunday evening for a few days visit with friends in the city. Mrs. M. E. Davis, of South Thayer street, left last evening for Philadelphia to visit relatives. Mrs. Lew H. Clement is enjoying a visit from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Green, of Homer. Mrs. James Eaton, of Syracuse, N. Y., arrived at noon to-day to visit relatives on the north side. Joseph Seabolt, son of Moses Seabolt, is visiting his sister, Mrs. W. D. Saunders, of Grand Rapids. Mr. M. T. Woodruff, business manager of the Ypsilanti Sentinel, is in Cadillac on business this week. Mr. Torn Mingay, foreman of the Washtenaw Daily Times, spent last Sunday in Toledo, visiting his C. D. Johnson, of Dexter, was in the city Monday and took a run down to Ypsilanti on the motor line. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bach have been enjoying a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Clark, of Milford, Conn. Mrs. C. G. Darling and son a Harry of East University avenue, are visiting relatives at Lakeside, Ohio. Miss Stella Mozart, formerly of this city, but now a resident of Washington, D. C, is visiting friends in town. Willie Hawley, of Wayne, is visiting his friend, Georgië McCollum, of Ypsilanti, for a few weeks. ■■ Mr. J. Q. A. Sessions and family have been spending several days with friends in Ypsilanti and vicinity. Mrs. Harriet Lucas and Miss Emma Severance, of Dunkirk, N. Y., are visiting Justice and Mrs. N. G. Butts. Harry Hawley, at one time the popular and able editor of the Register, now managing editor of the Denver Evening Times, who has been visiting in the city, returned Wednesday. Rev. W. W. Campbell and wife, of Concord, Mass., have been visiting tlieir father, Mr. and Mrs. R. Campbell. Fred Wildt, of Detroit, son of the late Emanuel Wildt, was here on Tuesday to attend his father's funeral. Mr. James Turnbull, superintendent of construction for the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad, was in the city Tuesday. Mrs. Helen Jennings, of Detroit, who has been visiting her father, ex-Governor Felch, left Friday for a visit in Marquette. Eli Moore, of the Arm Arbor Agricultural Company, has gone to Pennsylvania and the East on business for the company. Mrs. M. M. Green, formerly of this city, but now of Detroit, is visiting Miss Mate Clark, 48 North Main street, this week. Mrs. James R. Bach and Mrs. Jas. Robisonreturned home Wednesday evening after a three weeks' stay at Whitmore Lake. Mrs. C. G. Orcutt and Mrs. Geo. W. Bailey took advantage of the Maccabee excursión to visit friends in Jackson for several days. B. F. Watts has been recreating at Zukey lake this week, joining a party amongst whom was Mrs. Watts, who had preceded him. Chas. McDonald and wife, of Alpena, who have been visiting Mr. George Parker and wife for some time, returned home on Monday. George Wahr and family, who have been on a tour of the Great Lakes, have returned, delighted and in every way benefited by the trip. George Clarken and family, and Mr. Monaghan, of Chicago, a nephew of Mr. Clarken, are in camp at Strawberry lake this week. Gov. Andrew Burke, of North Dakota, was in the city Saturday. While here he wasshown throughthe University buildings of which he spoke in high praise. Sheldon Granger, foreman of the Register pressroom, accompained by his wife as far as Buchanan, Mich. , left for a visit to Chicago on Monday, to spend about a week. Mrs. Tomlinson is visiting her friends, the Misses Smith, on State street, before going to her granddaughter's, in Canada, where she will make her future home. Mrs. George Alexander and thre children, of Lawrence street, lef Tuesday morning for Grand Rapid and Muskegon, to spend about three weeks with friends in those cities. Mr. Wm. McCreery, of this city who has been recuperating at Gras Lake for a couple of weeks, was home from Monday until Wednes day, when he returned to Grass Lake. Prof. A. B. Prescott is in Waslt ington, D. C, in attendance upon the annual session of the American Association for the Advancement o: Science, of which he is the newl} elected president. Linus Keal, of Kansas City, is visiting his father, George Keal, of Forest Avenue. Mr. Keal has been absent from the city of his birth for twenty-three years and says the city is all strange to him. Prof. Walter Miller has just returned with his family from a two years' stay in Leipzig, Germany. They wil] stay at Mr. Miller's father's on Packard st., for a fortnight, when they leave for their future home in Columbia, Mo. Atticus Woodrufï, of the Ypsilanti Sentinel, paid a visit to the Argus to-day, to see our folder in speration. He thinks it is just the thing for a paper having a large circulation like the Argus and thinks ii would pay the Sentinel to put in a similar machine. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, of Middleville, Mich., who have been visiting relatives near Cayuga Lake, N. Y., on their way home last week spent several days with Mr. John Moore, of this city, an old friend. They also visited friends in Ypsilanti and Jackson.