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A Pickle That Was Not Eaten

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"My ïnost embarrassing experience," repeated the young lady thoughtfnlly. "Well, as nearly as I can remember, it was connected with a pickle. I was a guest at a dinner in Washington. It was not a very formal affair - merely formal enough f or the gentlemen present to wear evening dress. There was a dish of dainty pickles near me, and I took one - a baby cucumber. It was abont big enough for two bites, and I tried to ent it with my fork, when suddenly it launched itself Hke a skyrocket across the table and struck the immaculate shirt bosom of a very particular swell opposite, fairly in the middle. "I don't quite know how it could have happenedso fortunately, but convereation had been goinj on so briskly that no one save the man who had taken me into dinner saw who was the author of the accident. I never blush, a fact, I trost, not to be set down seriously to my oiscredit- and I manaed to so tuUy dissemble otherwise that nobody, with the esception I have mentioned, snspected me at all. "None of the other guests were so illbred as to take visible notice of the occnrrence, and the talk went on almost uninterrupted, while my victim administered surreptitious wipes to his manly chest in a hopeless attempt to remove the stains of pickle. To this day I am unsuspected as the author of the mischief, -


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