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To Circumvent Moths

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Tros is the season when our innocent looking little enemies, the moths, do their destrnctive work- at least this is the beginning. The small, cream colored moths flying around should be destroyed. They do the mischief , depositing nmnbers of eggs in woolen and fur garments, carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture - nothing escapes them, and bef ore we know the danger frequentíy onr most cherished garment is riddled by these little pests. The great tronble comes from not putting things away clean and free from the moth eggs. Articles slightly soiled are certain to attract moths. It is theref ore well to wash everything that can be washed, like flannels and stockings. Coats, cloaks, furs and similar things shonld be cleaned and beaten and aired several times before finally pntting away for the sammer. When carpets are kept down during the summer, tar paper should be laid under the edges and the room swept caref uUy with a stiff broom once in a while, particularly the edges


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