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Vetoed $1,660 Of Appropriations

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Mayor Doty filed three messages yesterday vetoing five appropriations of the council, made Monday evening, amounting to $1,660. The messages are as follows: City of Ann Arbor, I Mayor's Office. August 19, 189L. To tha Honorable, t!ie Convmon Council: I herewith return to you, with my disapproval, so much of the record of your proceedings at your last stated meeting as relates to the purchase of a map for the walls of the Council Room at an expense of one hundred and sixty dollars. The contingent fund, out of which this expense must be borne, is already overdrawn and I respectfully ask your honorable body to forego your personal convenience in the matter until such time as the city's financial condition will warrant so large an outlay for objects which are undoubtedly artistic, but whose utility is not always measured by the cost of their production. Respectfully,