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H. C. Clark was in Detroit Sunday. Dr. Collins, of Detroit, is ill at Judge Cheever's. Edwin F. Coneiy, of Detroit, was in the city Tuesday. Fred McOmber is spending bis vacation in Canada. Miss Ida Dalton, of Spring Street, is visiting in Jackson. Miss Lizzie Kemper is sojourning with friends in Detroit. Prof. J. P. Vroman, of Ypsilanti, was in the city, Tuesday. J. T. Honey, of Dexter, transacted business here on Monday. Miss Hellen Terry, of Toledo, is visiting Mrs. James Bach. Miss Nellie Seabolt is visiting Miss Mabel Bort, of Flint. Mrs. Charles S. Millen is spending two weeks at North Lake. Fred Howlett spent Sunday with his family at Cavanaugh lake. Mrs. Chas. Durheim, of Muskegon, left on Saturday for home. Thomas F. Leonard, returned Saturday from a trip to Mason. Mrs. Chas. Poland is visiting her sister in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mrs. Wm. Matthews, of North Main street, is visiting in Milford. Miss Anna Dietz, of South Fifth avenue, is visiting at Devil's Lake. Mrs. Ed. Eberbach is in Manistee visiting her daughter, Mrs. Zimmer. Mrs. E. Foley, of Thompson street, is visiting her two sons in Chicago. Misses Julia Gwinner and Flora McMahon spent last week in Toledo. Mr. and Mrs. Schairer left on Monday last for a trip to the East. Miss Emma Lutz, was in Bridgewater on Saturday, visiting friends. Miss Libbie Watson, of Detroit, visited Mrs. Fred Belser over Sunday. Dr. Flemming Carrow is trout fishing up at Lake Superior this week. Prof. Perry will return from his eastern visit the latter part of this week. Albert G. Gilman, of Detroit, was the guest over Sunday of Rev. Max Hein. Mrs. Orcutt and Mrs. Bailey returned Friday from their visit to Jackson. Dr. J. C. Wood was in Grand Rapids last Friday on professional business. Robert Staebler, of Toledo, spent Sunday with his parents on West Liberty street. Mr. Schneider, of 'Philadelphia, Pa. , has been visiting friends in the city and vicinity. Arthur Tagge has accepted a position in the Monroe high school for the ensuing year. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Oesterlin are entertaining Mrs. Julius Oesterlin, of Grand Rapids. Edward Seyler returned Saturday from his Bay View vacation, and reports a delightful time. J. H. Sanford, of the American Express office, spent Sunday with friends at Portage lake. Sheldon Granger, foreman of the Register pressroom, has returned from his trip to Chicago. Miss Helen Nellis, of Bay City, is Dn a visit to her aunt, Mrs. E. McLaren, of North street. Miss Sadie Hyde, of South División street, has returned from her visit in Brooklyn, N. Y. Herman Schmid, who has been visiting his friend, George Pate, in Jackson, has returned home. Dr. V.W.Nichols,wife and baby, spent Saturday and Sunday at Whitmore Lake. They drove out. Mrs. Alice Hatch is in the city preparing to move to Detroit, where she will make her future home. Miss Annie Foster, of Ottawa, O., spent Sunday with the Misses Saunders, of North Main street. Joe Parker has returned home after a week's visit with a brother in Chicago. Joe is welcome home. Mrs. Frazier, of Chicago, the daughter of David Henning, was in the city Sunday with her children. Misses Marión Gray, of Alpena, and Nellie Soulier, of Dexter, visited at Postmaster Beal's Monday. Mrs. S. W. Clarkson and children returned from Detroit, Saturday morning, after a delightful visit. Prof. Horatio N. Chute has returned from Toronto, Ont., where he attended the teachers' convention. Robert E. Christman, with J. T. Jacobs & Co., has returned from a delightful visit with friends in Jackson. Martin Seabolt and family, Daniel Ross and family, and Miss Hannah McCarthy, of this city, and Miss Slattery, of Ypsilanti, are in camp at Oak Grove, Zukey lake. They will remain two weeks. Dr. A. C. Nichols and family are in camp at Portage lake, and are not sxpected to return until the 2 5th rst. Dr. Josie Fleming and Miss Mary Conroy, of Nashville, Tenn., were yisiting friends in the city on Saturday. Miss Helen Wiltsie, who has been siting her sister, Mrs. P. R. de Pont, returned to Chicago last Saturday. Prof. Walter Miller and family have returned from Leipzig, Germany, where they have been for two years. Prof. C. E. Greene and family eft for Maine, on Monday, on a acation trip to extend over several weeks. Bert Fall, of Thompson street, went to Whitmore Lake last Friday, o join his parents, who are in camp ïere. Miss Allie Riley, of Chicago, formerly of this city, is paying a visit o Mrs. D. Moore, of South Ingalls treet. Mrs. A. L. Worden, of Detroit, pent Sunday with C. H. Worden, ïer father-in-law, of East William treet. Simon Dieterle, of West Liberty treet, returned Monday evening :rom a three days' visit with Detroit riends. The Misses Myrtle and Rosie chneider, of South First street, went to Chelsea, last Friday, to visit riends. Miss Myrtie Kempf, of Chelsea, vas the guest of Prof. and Mrs. R. 1. Kempf, of South División street, unday. C. N. Banks, law '87, of Waco, Texas, was the guest of H. G. Pretyman, of North University avenue, Vlonday. Miss Bertha Baur, secretary of ie conservatory of music, Cincinati, is visiting her father, Prof. imil Baur. Mr. Louis Fitzenmeier, of Philaelphia, Pa., has been visiting his ister, Mrs. Henry Binder, 51 South Vlain street. Mr. LeRoy Noble and daughter, ormerly of Houston, Texas, but ow of Pittsburgh, Pa., is visiting riends in this city. Mrs. G. R. Tourtellotte, of South "ifth avenue, is enjoying-d visit from ïer son, Mr. Arthur Tourtellotte, of San Francisco, Cal. Victor Widenmann and family and Gustave Degner and family, of Sagnaw, are guests of Mrs. A. Widenmann, of Whitmore Lake. Jas. E. Harkins and Dr. Fay were ;uests of E. H. Andrews and family, of Dexter, last Saturday and Sunday, at their camp at Base lake. Theodore Wetzel, who was spendng his vacation with friends in L.ansing, returned to duty in H. J. Brown's drug store on Monday. Miss Hannah Ryan, of West Ann street, and Miss Sarah Flynn, of North First street, left last week for an extended trip around the lakes. Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Jacobs returned to their home in Chicago Saturday morning after spending two weeks with relatives and friends. John J. Ferguson, of 16 Summit treet west, has been visiting his nother at Perrinsville, and transactng some business at the same time. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Beach, of Chicago, returned to their home iunday afternoon accompanied by VIrs. Beach's niother, Mrs. J. Tayor. Henry Binder and wife, of De;roit, who have been in Chicago for ome time, stopped over here a few iays on their way home, to visit relitives. Dr. Hamilton Smith, of Detroit, paid a short visit to his family, last week, who are spending the summer here, returning to the city on Friday. Robert Gerner and Thomas Colburn have returned from an extended trip around the lakes. They went by rail to Chicago and returned by the boat. Prof. George Knight and family, of Columbus, O., are the guests of his parents on East AVilliam street. They expect to spend some weeks in the city. Rev. Mr. Tatlock and his charge, the choir boys, seventeen in number, returned from North Lake Saturday afternoon. The boys had a glorious time. Mrs. A. H. Tomlinson, of North State street, left on Friday last, with her granddaughter, Mrs. W. A. Cowie, for Galt, Ont., to reside there permanently. Mrs. F. M. Corey, of Perrinsville, is visiting her son, Mr. J. J. Ferguson, of 16 Summit street west. Mrs. Corey is on her way home from an extended visit to relatives in New York state.