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The big picnic at Devil's lake will be held August 27. Even Ypsilanti went into mournng for Mr. Burlingame. Sparks & Lane are now running the Chelsea roller milis. Ypsilanti is to have a creamery to be run under the new process. The oíd M. E. church in Ypsilanti is being removed to give place to the new structure. Last week Monday, James Coquillard, an Ypsilanti plasterer,jfell dead on a street of that city. The Chelsea Standard of the i4th inst, contained an excellent article on the August meteors. Glen V. Mills is getting up a new directory of the county, and is making a thorough canvass. The amount of carpenter work now being done in Ann Arbor looms up to $150,000. - Saline Observer. Chelsea is nothing if not musical. She has now two bands, and the tortured citizens are taking to the woods. Look out for the man who is going about selling seed wheat for Ferry. He is said to be. a fraud. - Manchester Enterprise. It is said that during the storm on Wednesday last, hailstones as ' large as goose eggs feil on a farm near Litchfield. Miss Grace Smith, of Saline, has been engaged as preceptress of the Manchester high school for next year. - Tecumseh News. Manchester is to have a broom factory soon, a company of young business men of the town combining for that worthy object. - Enterprise. A farmer near Clinton has a turkey gobbler that has hatched out a nice lot of young turkeys and is now raising them. How about 'the eggs? What a number of sour-looking people there must be in Ypsilanti. They keep a pickle factory running full capacity all the time to supply thern . Frank Stohl, employed in a box factory in Ypsilanti, while oiling machinery a few days ago, had a finger so badly mashed that it had to be amputated. Wm. Eames, of Evansville, Ind., will move his extensive windmill and pump works to Ypsilanti. A company has been formed to run the business with a capital stock of $ 25,000. There will be an annual farmers' picnic to-morrow in Frank Palmer's grove, in Bridgewater. Speakers ■ from Hillsdale, Manchester, Saline and Ann Arbor will address the gathering. M. F. King, of Saline, has in his possession an oíd saber used in the war of 181 2 by Blodgett Smith, one of the pioneers of LodL The weapon is in as good condition now as when new. Russell Parker, who occupies the Clements farm, in Lima, raised 360 bushels of wheat this year from twelve acres, an average of thirty bushels per acre. The wheat is stated to be of the "Nigger" variety. Stewart Ballou, of Cone, had his right arm amputated by Dundee physicians last week. While working at his home last January he received a wound in his finger from which blood poisoning set in. - Tecumseh News. Who has not thought the last few days of petitioning Mr. Blaine for a treaty of limited reciprocity in the matter of weather, with the king of the polar regions? Such a treaty would be a big bgom for a man with presidental aspirations.-Ypsilantian. While in Detroit encampment week, Jas. Hudler met Calvin Lawrence,of the 32nd Mass. Vol. who also lost a leg in the war, and lay beside him in the hospital. Mr. Hudler had not seen him for 28 years, so he invited him to Chelsea, where he remained a few days and talked over oíd times. - Chelsea Herald. Grass Lake may boast of her beautiful women, Dexter of her fine horses, etc., but when it comes to dogs, Chelsea leads. It is estimated that we have more dogs to the square inch than any other place in the state. We have large dogs, small dogs, good dogs, bad dogs, fat dogs, lean dogs, he dogs, she dogs, sun dogs, etc. - Chelsea ald. Jonathan Mitchell and a boy fifteen years old, living near Ypsilanti, met with a serious accident. They were taking a load of straw to town, and at the junction of Washington and Huron streets met a traction engine. The horses became frightened and ran away, upsetting the load, under which the man and boy were buried, the horses and wagon disappearing down the street, When they were extricated from the straw, it was found ■that Mr. Mitchell 's leg was broken close to the hip joint, while the boy was injured internally and is in a critical condition. Burglars, in many of our neighboring towns, are making good the opportunities given them by people leaving their doors open during the night and simply hook the screen. They cut a small hole through the wire, unhook it and then have full possession. - Saline Observer. Bruce, the young son of S. M. Bixby, at the York mili, narrowly escaped what might have been qui e a serious accident a few days since. He was standing near the elevator through which was conveyed wheat to an upper story and accidentally dropping his hand into the opening was caught in the rim of one of the buckets and two fingers badly cut and torn, also a gash across the hand. - Saline Observer. Mad dog season is on us and not one dog in ten wears a muzzle. The life of one human being is worth all the dogs in the state. It will not avail to assume that there is no such disease as hydrophobia from the bite of a dog unless the animal shall be really afflicted with rabies. Experience proves that the bite of almost any dog dnring the heated term produces hpdrophobia in cases where the victim is of a timid or imaginad ve temperament. - Chelsea Herald.