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There was a very destructive tor nado in Minnesota last week. Col. Phister, of New York, ha been appointed adjutant-general o the G. A. R. Miss Rachel Sherman, daughte of the dead general, is to marry Dr Paul Thorndyke, of Boston. The fact is cropping out tha a great deal of corruption exist among members of the Dominion government. Mrs. John Gray, aged 21, wa burned to death in Montreal on Friday last. She had used coal oi to start a fire. The prospects are exceedingly good for large crops of potatoes wheat, rye, barley and oats in Ire land this year. The wheat erop of France will be short 82,500,000 bushels, and that quantity will have to be imported, which means a lively demand for American wheat. Private parties are raising the old war vessel Niágara, which was Commodore Perry's flagship, for the the purpose of exhibiting it at the World's Fair. What next? In Lawrence county, Ark., two men named Wilson and Ward, while drunk, quarreled on their way home, and Wilson killed Ward. He then cut out his victim's heart. Jay Gould is trout fishing in California, and in order to keep iñ constant touch with affairs, every time he changes his fishing location a telegraph line is constructed to the spot. Great is Gould. Two new games for ladies have come into vogue. They are the pitching of quoits and lawn bowling. They are the old-time games modified to suit the ladies, and give promise of great popularitv. Is the Pasteur treatment for hydrophobia a failure? A five-year oíd son of Charles Adams, of Ashland, Mass., after being treated for that dread disease at the Pasteur institute in New York, died from the malady on returning home. The report of an alleged famine in Russia raised the price of wheat two cents in Chicago, last Saturday, and the chances seem fair for a continued advance in price. Why doesn't somebody credit this to the McKinley bilí? The Wenstrom dynamo and motor company, of Baltimore, Md., has stopped its operations temporarily on account of some internal troubles among the stockholders, until a reorganization can be effected. The closing of the works throws 70 men out of employment. The time for the disestablishment of the Church of England seems to be rapidly approaching. The clergy of that church are much alarmed by the evident anxiety of the radical faction among the liberáis to make disestablishment an issue in future elections. The Boersen Courier, of Berlin, says the Russian prohibition of rye exports will benefit Russia by securing her poor people cheap rye and by raising the price of her wheat abroad. The Courier adds that the Germán government shows no intention of abolishing grain duties. Eight years ago, West Superior, Wis., at the extreme limit of navigation on Lake Superior, had only one house. Now it is a city of 25,000 inhabitants, and threatens to overshadow Duluth. At least so says Edgar Weeks in an Evening News interview. A St. Petersburg dispatch says that the high military authorities of Russia are not favorably impressed by Russian official reports of the condition of the French army. The artillery is well spoken of, but the infantry is said not to show the endurance that is required for a prolonged campaign. The Austrian military maneuvers, in the early part of September, will be attended by the Austrian and Germán kaisers and the kings of Saxony and Roumania. The maneuvers will begin on Aug. 29, and it is said that the new Moslem battalions, raised in Bosnia for the Austrian service, will take some part. Banning explorers have found a mighty mass of moving ice in a deep canyon on Graybuck mountain, Cal. The formation is about 25 feet thick and 60 feet wide. Immense rocks have been pushed from their beds by the moving of the great ice mass and lie on top of it. The sun does not reach the ice more than one hour a day. At a summer resort near Denver, Col., last Sunday, a young couple accompanied Prof. King in a balloon ascensión, to be married in the clouds. When at a height of 6,000 feet the balooi burst and descended at a terrific speed for over a mile, when by some means it assumed a parachute form and finished its descent at a more moderate rate. They landed with such a thud, however, that the occupants were picked up unconscious. The supply of fools never runs out. The ancient Finns believed that a mwstic bird laid an egg on the lap of Valmaimou, who hatched it inhis bosom. He let it fall into the water and it broke, the lower portion of the shell forming the earth, the upper the sky, the liquid white became the sun and the yolk the moon, while the little fragments of broken shell were transformed into stars. Leonard AVeaver, aged 48, anc John Shuster, 37 years old, nigh soilers, were drowned in a deep cess pool on Thirty-ninth stree Pittsburgh, Pa., about midnight o the i4th inst. Weaver went into the vault to remove rubbish, wa overeóme by gas and feil to the bot tom. Shuster who went to Weaver' assistance, was also overeóme by gas and feil. Both men were deac when their bodies were rec,overec half an hour later. Both were mar ried.