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It'sjustlikeaman To say that his wife can't make as good bread as his Mother did. GILLETTS Will give you the great advantage which his mother had, and besides, bread made wÉi this yeast will help bring back his boyhood's digestión, ensuring his enjoyment of the rest of your cooking also, Ot Mgic Yest at your Grocer's. It s always GOOD and always READY. SEVER A FAILÜRE, The Eed River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota has never had a failure of crops. It produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1890. Farms can be had on the erop plan. or long time cash payments. It is not an uncommon thing to pay f or a farm from the proceeds of one erop. It has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal Arailway facilities and all the chances of a new country in the way of cheap lands, rich soil, and inerease in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not yet f ully occupied. In the rush to the far west, however, this rich valley has been over-looked. It has room for a million more people. Write to F. I. WHITNEY, St. Paul, Minn. for particulars. Publications sent free. HmiAllAYI!ll! I undertake to briefir II ■ II I I 8 "ch any fiiirlT inlellijtpnt peroo ofeithep il I jlreí, vhu mn read nd rite, and bo, ■ 1 1 I I I I lafur histructioti,will work induatrioualy, VVWW Vhn'.vi,, earn Thrpe Thoueaud Dollars a ïer in thelr own localltiei.whiTf vt r Ihey llve.I will also fümiah the situatton oremiNyment,at whleh vuu can rarnthatamount. No monpv for in unlfSR siiccrsifu) as above. Easily and quickW leamed. I deuire but une worker from each district orcountr. I have already lauht and provided with empiovment a larpe numbïr, who are makinp over Í8ÜOO a jpar each. It't KLW and SO1M 1. Full particulam PREE. Addresi at once. E. C. ll.l.I. lí.,v 4SO, V uuii.lii. Malne.