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Mr. McKinley opens the Ohio campaign wit...

Mr. McKinley opens the Ohio campaign wit... image
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Mr. McKinley opens the Ohio campaign with the admission that the tariff is a "form of taxation," which he defines as "taxing the property of other nations seeking a market in the United States." Even the farmers of Ohio know by this time that the "property of other nations" is not taxed by the tariff until it is landed by the importers ia their country, and that the tax is paid first by our merchants and last by our consumers. - Saginaw Globe. Some people make the statement that the Ohio election will indícate how the country is going in 1892. We donjt believe this. Campbell is greatly weakened by a large local defection in Hamilton county. And he is still further weakened by the fact that the floating vote recognizing this defection is apt to vote for McKinley to be on the winning side. Ohio is a strong Republican state. In spite of the Democratie handicaps, if they should carry the state, this f all, it will show McKinleyism is even more impopular than it is commonly supposed to be. Michigan will be outside of the excitement of political elections this year. ín New York, Ohio and Iowa, however, important state elections will be held. New York elects a governor for three years and the state senate to be elected this year will have a voice in the election of a United States senator. Iowa elects a full state ticket. Prohibition is again a state issue. Ohio elects a state ticket and a legislature who will elect a successor to John Sherman. In these three states hot contests will be waged. A number of other states will hold elections but none willbe hotter than these. The following pointed article from the YpsilantiSentinelexpresses the sentiments of most of our own citizens in regard to the Manly controversy with the Soldiers' Home board: The Board of Control of the Soldiers' Home is evidently startled by Manly's exposure, and are trying to hedge. It is announced that expenses are to be curtailed, and strict accounts kept. There is too much reason to fear, however, that this spasm of virtuous economy is assumed simply for the occasion and Trill soon pass off. The great danger of one member of a family on the Board, and another in an important position in the Home, still remains. That should not be. Such negotism is neither decent nor democratie. If one Shank must be quartermaster at the Home, let the other Shank step down and out of the Board. The straddle don't look well. nately for Mr. Manly he can substantiate all he claims for himself, and thoroughly disprove the charges with which the Board seek to justify their action toward him. The quieter they keep, the better it will be for them.