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The Logic Of Protection

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The protectionist should be very highly pleased over the news that comes from Prussia. The poor people have just become aware of the Russian prohibition of the export of rye, and they regard it almost as a death sentence. It is said that those near the frontier have been depending on rye purchased in small quantities across the boundary in Russia; that the Russian officials refuse to let a pound of grain go over the line and have threatened with imprisonment anyperson caught selling; that the scènes are heartrending, and numerous applications are being made to the local authorities for relief. In the face of all this, and the further fact that the Prussian government will have to be petitioned to issue army rations to the distressed, the Germán chancellor refuses to remove the duties on corn. Distress in the manufacturing centers of Germany1 is increasing, trade is dull and the price of provisions is high. The working people are looking towards America and the desire to emigrate is growing. Americans have food producís to sell to the Germans, and the Germans woujd buy if the two governments did not stand in the way and make it so difficult for the people to do so. These facts only add to the many others that go to show what evil protection produces. Were the people left to themselves and the blighting hand of the government removed, if there was food anywhere in the world for the distressed people to get for what they have to give for it, there is no doubt that the exchanges would be made. But if protection is a correct principie Caprivi must maintain it even though it kill off the people of the distressed district. Surely paternalism is a great thing. The protectionists should be very highly pleased over the logical result of their policy. - Detroit Evening News.