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The Way Of The Transgressor

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The following have been weighed in he balance and found wanting, or otherwise, in Justice Pond's court : John Shiplack, charged with being drunk on Sunday and bombarding a neighbor's house with stones, was flned $5 and $5.50 costs, which he paid. Charles Schneider was arraigned for beating his wif e Sunday evening, She repented of her desire to prosecute ïim, and a charge of drunkenness being substituted, he paid $5 and costs amounting to $5.50. Fred Buil, charged by Mrs. John "Wagner, of the flfth ward, with assault and battery committed on the 6th nst., went through the ordeal of a jury trial, with the legal bolts of Prosecu;or Lehman flying thick and fast against him, whilst Chas. Klme did his evel best to ward them off from his cliënt. Buil was flned $10 and costs or sixty-five days in the house of correcion. He appealed to the circuit court. Justice Butts administered the law n the following cases: Christian Dieber gave Offlcer Schall a good deal of exercise before he captured him on a charge of stealing a watch from a Germán on Saturday evening. The watch was found on his )erson when searched at the jail. He was convicted, and fined $11.20, or, in default of paying that sum,tolanguish n the cooler for thirty days. He elected to languish.