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A Fall In The Wheat Market

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The wheat market was sick, Wednesday. Only.from 93 to 95 cents was paid, while the price for a few days preceeding had been $1.00. Last Saturday, Allmendinger & Schneider took in about 1800 bushels of wheat and Mr. Allmendinger thinks that for a week past from three to five thousand bushels have been sold in the city every day. This would give some idea of the magnitude of the wheat movement when from $3,000 to #5,000 is paid out for it every day in this city. Yesterday the wheat market opened in Detroit at 95 cents but recovered during the day and closed at 97 ets. The price paid here for wheat varĂ­es from 3 to 5 cents less than the price in Detroit. Oats are sold from the farmers' wagons at 32 cents. They are coming in very slowly and many of them are smutty. Very little wool is moving. Twenty-three cents is the average price paid fof fine wool. For some extra fine fleeces 24 cents is paid. Shropshire wool brings 27 cents. Apples are being brought into the ma'rket. They are offered on the streets af fifty cents a bushei Grocers are offering 40 cents a bushei for them. There has been very little change in the grocery market. For eggs at the stores 13 cents are offered and 15 cents for butter.