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Republican Testimony

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Leaving politics out of the question, Governor Winans has saved the people's pockets, and all that his opponents can do is to cry "stingy," "mean" etc. Had he been less careful of the public moneys the cry would have been extravagance and ultímate bankruptcy. Glasses set by partisan opticians are not intended to display anything good in a political opponent's acts. But the people know when a. man is more careful in protecting their interests than in using his official position and the public funds to secure hi's party in power. To the independent observer Governor Winans has proved himself to be a man of the people and for them. He has not feared to exposé himself to the ridicule of partisan schemers who are ready to sacrifice the people and squander their money in order to secure selfish ends. The cutting down of expenses and the reduction of taxes is a good way in which to build a monument to the people. Michigan farmers and Michigan business men are not so flush with mètney that they can afford to allow themselves to be robbed with high taxation. While disgruntled politicians - idle drones, who live by tapping the public barrel - have nothing good to say of our farmer governor, the masses of the people, regardless of political leanings, have the greatest respect for his bold and conscientious course in all that would tend to increase the burden of the people. - West Bay City Post.