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[official. 1 Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 31 , 1891 , At a session of the Board of I'ubiï Works held on this Sist day of Aug. 1SD1, (present President Keech, Schub and Melntyre. By Mr. Keech:- Whereas. the Toledo, Ann Arbor an North Michigan Kaihvay now pro poee to cause to be constructed, a new iron bridge over the Huron river. am ateo over NortS Main et., and hav presented to the board a plan of th eame which provides for the soutl pier, thereof, to be at right angle with the said coinpany's right of way wlth the south-east end of the same at the eouth line of said street, anc the nest northerly pier thereof, to be of iron and placed in the said stree and parallel with tfoe same and at a point 50 feet northerly froin the soutl line oí said street; And the questkm of the locating o said piers having been referred to Mr Melntyre and Street Coraimossione Sutherland with power to act, anc they having designated the p-oints anc places where the said piers shall be located and made report thereof to this Board, therefore, Reso'H'ed, Tihat permission is hereby given and granted to the railway company to construct said rallwa; bridge and to place said piers, saii south pier at the south line and said ron pier at a point 50 feet from the eouth line of said street. The said iron pier to be constructec of iron columns to be placed upon a substantial stone foundation, said foun dation to be on a level with the sur face of the street; Which resohition was passed by a yea and nay vote as follo-ws: Yeas- Keech, Schuh and Melntyre - 3. Xays- None. Clerk. pro tem