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Jones - I saw yoursoninthe couutry yeste...

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Jones - I saw yoursoninthe couutry yesterday. , Brown - Yes, he went out to try hisnew camera. Howwashegetting along with it? Jones - At avery rapid pace when I saw him. A farmer who objected to being photographed had set the dogs on him. A small boy who wasspendingthe summer in the country was much annoyed by the mosquitoes. One night he stood their bites as long as he was able, but at length wailed forth. "Oh, I wish I was a skeeter and the skeetgr rae, and then wouldn,t I bite that skeeter?" "We are going sailing come with us." "All right, wait till I go to the hotel and take off my yaching suit and put on something that won't spoil." "I don't think Jones ís so much of a christian as he claims to be." "You don't?" "No; he had a row with a neighbor in the fiat above him the other day and since then he has had his oíd piano tuned and is going to have his daugh ter take music lessons at home." Swayback (to importúnate begger) - Leave the house, sir! Begger - Certainly. I wouldnot think of attempting to carry it off with the heavy mortgage it has on it. She - So she reeched Paris yesterday? How wonderful it is that the news can be sent so safely ever the ocean cable throngh so many miles of salt water! He- Yes; and be so fresh. joe - What a classic cut! Jim (whom she just snubbed) - Um - yes; regular Parthenon freeze. ■ i "Humker (quoting)- What's in a name? Spatts - If it is the name of a high priced hatter there's probably $2 in it above the value of the hat. Kate - I've been rescued f rom a water grave by nine seperatf and distinct nice young men this summer. Helen- Well, you can't marry them all. Kate - I can't? Chicago is my native city.


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