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OHEATINC iHORSE Blankets Nearly every pattern of % Horse Blanket is imitated in color and style. In most cases the imitation looks just as good as the genuine, but it hasrit the warp threads, and so lacks strength,and while it sells for only a little less than the genuine itisn'tworth one-half asmuch. The fact that 5Á Morse Blankets are copied is strong evidence that they are THE STANDARD, and every buyer should see that the fy. trade mark is sewed on the inside of the Blanket. jpr I Five Mile 5A ""'" Ml U Extra Test IB M Baker HORSE BLANKETS ARE THE STRONGEST. 100 5A STYLES at prices to suit eTerybody. If you can't gel them from your dealer, write us. Ask foi the 5a Book. 'You can get it without charge, WM. AYRES & SONS, Phüadelphia. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS. D. CRAMER. S, CKAMEIi. CRAMER & CKAMEK, ATTORNEYS AT UW. Office: Front room over First National Bank, ANN AIU50E, MICII. W B. NOKR1S Attokney at Law. Does a general lawcolleetionand eonveyanemg business. A moderate share of your patronage re6pectfuUy solicited. Office in tne Oourt House. i E. WILLIAMS, Attornev ú Law and Pension Cliiai Attoraev, MILAN, MICH. Conveyancing and Collections. BLIHTT S.FOIÍTX3, JUSTICE OF THE PeACE And Notary Public. Conveyancing done and REAL KSTATR bought and sold on commission. Patronage solicited . No. b N.MainSj DENTISTS. T OUIS P. HALL, DENTI9T. Office South State street. Over Sheehan's Book Store. Hours 8a. m. to 12 and 2 p. m. to 5 p. m. VP W. NICH0LS D. D., DENTIST. In the oíd St. James Hotel Block. Teeth extracted without pain by the use of atalizedair. í ) A. MAC LACHLAN, D. Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Tliroat. )flice in Hangsterfer block. ReBidence. 26 S. I División Street. Hoürs.- 1 to 5 and 6:30 to 7:30 P. M. FREDERICK KRAUSE, AUCTIONEER. Willattend to all sales on short notice at reasonable charges. For íurther particulars 3all at the Abgüs office . piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, Agent for the followinR First Olass Companies, presenting over twenty-eight Million Dollars Asseto, issues policies at the lowest ratea iEtna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of rhila, 3,118,713,00 Germania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1,774,505.00 Phenix, N . Y. 3,759,036.00 -WSpecial attention given to the insurance of dwellings, schools, churcües and public buildinge a tenas of three and flve years jm $6000.00 a j-er ! being modo by John R. PBSaBJy i, y. u iiihv not itiake aa nmch, but wo cun mí f Ifiífctcücli yini qtiicklv how to era írom #& to fWíl0 u tlny at the start, and more os you po ■KHIV'MttD on. Buth stxes, olí npt. Ín any ]iart of BfyltJl America, y.ju can cominence at lionu-, p!vHw , aAf Jtm"S ft" y"ur time,or spart: iiwnieiits onlv to tÏ ■DjffKllic work. All ' new. Great jiny M ItK t. r dlkflí - I'AliilCL'LAllS FKE. AdtlreM at once, tilíL B_bllb(). í 10., l'UUTLl.M), MAl.Nt. Hangsterfer'S French Hand-Madc BON BONS 25c Box. Put up in 1 Ib. Fancy Boxes. SOLP EVERYWkERE At 40c and 50c. MADE EVEKT DAY. 28 South Main Street.