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The county fair in this city Sept. 29 and 80 and October 1 and 2, promise to be a great success. Among the attractions are balloon ascensious witb. parachute f ails, by Prof. Bartholome assisted by Miss Gertie .Carmo. To show what the ascensión will be like we quote from the Evening News o Tuesday a description of Miss Carmo' ascent at the Detroit Exposition, Tues day. The arrangement for the ascensión yesterday was in no way out of tne regular order, but wheiGertie Carmo appeared cla'd in woolerï tights, with a jlouse and cork jacket, there was decidedly more interest than usual. The jolicemen had a harder task than be:ore in keeping the crowd back. Miss 3armo is of medium hight, pretty, anc ooks to be exceedingly wiry. She is graceful in her movements and a gooc performer aside from her aerial work. Possibly the remembrance of the fear:ul fall of Saturday was in her mind )ut if so, she dissembled well, and appeared as lively as a cricket, and as ■eady and willing to ascend to the lizzy hights as she would be to eat a square meal. When the balloon let loose it went over a hundred feet high before the strong breeze blowing towards the river took effect. She was hanging head downward; then shechanged and hung on by one leg doubled at the knee, and an instant later she was hanging by one foot. At this time she must have been 1,500 or 1,800 feet high. The charm of her performance is in the sprightly, quick way of doing her work, on the bar. Although her face cannot be seen, so lively and careless are her movements that you think of her laughing and smiling all the while. There is nothing stiff or careful about her trapese work. She would not do it with more lightning speed or graee if she was only 15 feet from the ground. When she got about as high as poor Hogan was when he dropped Prof. Bartholomew fired a shot as a signal for her to drop. She worked with the parachute cord nearly a minute before she seemed to have it loosened or properly arranged. This display caused the hearts of the audience to almost stop with dread. "Was something again wrong'? When she dropped and the parachute was seen to swell out and descend as light as a feather, the vast crowd gave a shout of relief. She kept up her faucy trapese work as she descended, and then lighted in a little creek on Zug island. It goes without saying that Miss Sarrno will draw a big crowd to the .air.