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His Neck Was Broken

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Mr. John Fiegel, a highly respected farmer of Pittsfield, was killed last evening by a very sad and unexpected acciddent. The ladies of Zion church, of this city, had been holding their regular weekly social at his house. When the ladies were ready to return home at about half past five o'clock, Mr. Fiegel appeared with his team to take them as far as the motor line. He had a hay-rack on the wagon with seats along the sides and twenty-one ladies and two children were loaded in the wagon. Mr. Fiegel then got up on the front seat. One of the lines either dropped or lay on the whiffletree and Mr. Fiegel reached forward to get it. As he did so, the cushion on which he was seated slipped and he feil, striking his head on the pole and breaking his neck. One of the horses kicked him, nearly severing the right ear. The horses then turned around and started to run, bringing up between the barn and fence. Most of the ladies were thrown out. Some feil beneath the wagon. One lady was thrown over a high board fence. Mrs. Fred Schlanderer feil under the horses heels, out of the front end of the wagon, but escaped injury; Mrs. Ludwig Walz was bruised about the shoulder and wrist. No one was seriously injured, though several fainted. Mr. Fiegel has twice been elected treasurer of Pittsfield township on the democratie ticket and was treasurer at the time of his death. His popularity among his neighbors in this strong republican town is thus strongly attested. He leaves a wife and seven children, the oldest daughter having been married but three weeks. The funeral will be held Sunday. The blow feil so suddenly that the wife could hardly believe her husband dead, and the scène was a most pitiful one.