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A Rock Salt

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Michigan may lead all the states of the Union in producing salt, but New York is far ahead of all the states in producing a rock salt already formed in solid condition by a secret process of nature. This mine of dry and pure salt was discovered a few years since in the town of "Warsaw. It is found about 1,000 fret below the sueface and is taken out in large blocks, the same as coal, weighing from40 to 50 pounds. It is of a violet color but white when powdered. Miss Katie Rogers has the sale of this salt in this city. It is broken into pieces of 10 or 15 pounds and bought by owners of .stock in this city and in the country. The pieces are put in the mangers and the stock lick the salt as they need it. As it does not dissolve by dampness, it is placed in the pastures where the cows and sneep can lick it when they desire. A farmer near our city who has used it, says for horses it is a preventative of colie or "bots" when they can have access to it when ever they wish. He has a horse completely cured af ter it had been troubled with the colic for years.