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The A. A. L. I. Honorary Corps

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The Ann Arbor Light Infantry is preparing to f urnish Ann Arbor what our sister cities all have and what Ann Arbor is sadly in need of - adequate club rooms where the members and our citizens can meet and spend a pleasant evening. Several weeks ago a committee was appointed to secure and fit up rooms f or this purpose. The oommittee has secured rooms on the second story of the Hangsterfer building, immediately under the armory of of the company, and decorators and furnishers are now busy making out estimates for putting the roems in. proper shape. The rooms secured are especially arranged for club rooms and include a large doublé reception roomj smoking room, reading room, three card rooms, retiring rooms, closets, etc. The committee anticipates making the reception room one of the most elegant in decorations and in furnishings of any in the state. The decorations of the room are to be in white and gold plastic work in heavy relief. The furniture will be of heavy oak, upholstered with emboased leather and is being made to order. A fine Brussels carpet has been selected for the floor, the carpet to be covered with a canvas except on special occasions. The qfher rooms will be fitted up throughout to correspond to the use for which they are intended. The expense of decorating and f urnishing the rooms will be about $1,000. The club rooms are to be for the use of the active members of the Infantry and the honorary corps which has just been organized. Both active and honorary members will be allowed to entertain f riends from out of the city at the club rooms, but our own citizens who are not on the compauy active or honorary rolls will have but little chance of enjoying tliein except at the invitation parties and inspections which the company contemplates giving during the season. The honorary corps of the organization already includes the names of sixty of our most prominent businessnien and citizens, and this number will be increased twenty or twenty-five within the month. The members of this corps are entitled to all the privileges of active membership except the right to vote, and under the statutes are excused from all jury duty during the year. The list of honorary members up to the present time is as íollows, the first flve being members of the board of directora of the Infantry; Col. H. S. Dean, Sam Langsdorf, Ilarrison Soule, T. A. Wetzel, Edward Duffy, Dr. S. A. Jones, Zachary Roath, Evart H. Scott, S. W. Beakea, G. Brehm, Joseph T. Jacobs, W. J. Miller, Dr. E. A. Clark, B. F. Schumacher, Edward Eberbach, Wm. Arnold, Ernest Eberbach, L. J. Damm, Lew H. Clement, Eugene E. Beal, J. D. Eyan, W. F. Stimson, 0. W. "Wagner, George Wahr, Dr. C. G. Darling, A. C. Nichols, Chas. S. Millen, Geo. L. Moore, F. H. Belser, Thos. J. Keech, Adam D.Seyler, J. A. Brown, B. M. Thompson, M. E. Cooley, W. D. Harriman, Thos. D. Kearney, L. Gruner, George Halier, N. J. Kyer, H. J. Brown, W. R. Price, W. G. Dieterle, J. V. Sheehan, Fred C. Brown, O. M. Martin, Dr. John Kapp, Dr. W. B. Smith, E. W. Moore, Frederick Schmid, R. H. Cuthbert, B. F. Watts, J. J. Goodyear, Juuius E. Beal, H. T. Morton. A. L. Noble, E. F. Mills, J. W. Goodspeed, M. J. Fritz. J. R. Micer,