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Miss Tyler's New Book

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Miss Jessica Gilbert Tyler, the gifted daughter of Moses Coit Tyler, of Cornell University, formerly of this city, has entered the field of literature by translating from the Germán Dr. Edward Fluegel's "Moral and Religious Development of Thomas Carlyle. " Dr. Fluegel is one of the young and rising scholars in Germany, one of the editors of the "Anglia," the leading Germán periodical devoted to English philosophy and literature. Charles Eliot Norton, in a note to Miss Tyler, says: "Dr. Fluegel's book on Carlyle deserves to be made known to English readers, for it is the mostthorough, trustworthy, and intelligent study that has been made of Carlyle's Moral and Religious Development. It will not be long, I trust, before juster views of Carlyle's character will prevail than have been common, and to this desirable end Dr. Fluegel's book is well fitted to contribute." A new and rare portrait of Carlyle, furnished especially for the American edition by his niece, will form the frontispiece. The book will be published early in October by M. L. Holbrook & Co., of New York.