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Fell Through A Window

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Wednesday afternoon, Albert G. Rosser, a young man in the employ of O. O. Sorg, had a fortnnate escape oom a very serious in jury. Mr. Sorg had the contract for furnishing the plate glass for the new front in Mack & Schmid's store. The three large panes in the south window had been set and Mr. Sorg and his men were placing the glass in the north window in position. Rosser stepped into the south window for something and stumbling over a plank on the floor, feil head foremost through the large glass on the Liberty street side. The broken glass from this window feil to the other side and broke a still larger pane on the north side of the window. Rosser crawled through tne broken window and went to Dr. George's office, leaving a trail of blood behind. An examination showed a slight cut on the forehead, another on the lef t ïand and a cut on his right arm, all of which were dressed by Drs. George and Kapp. It is reinarkable that his wounds were no more serious, as the was heavy, half an inch thick, and feil all over him. The loss by the accident will amount ;o about $150 and there is some ques;ion upon whom this will fall. Mr. Sorg's contract calis for the setting of the glass, and he claims that this window was finished, although the entire job had not yet been" completed.