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The Beggs Case

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The requisition papers issued by the governor of California for Williaru M. Beggs, who came here to study law, were denied by Governor Winans Tuesday. The f acts of the case seern to be these. On July 25, Beggs made a trade for property with James Newell On the last of August Newell began a civil suit to have the trade set aside claiming that he had been cheated During this time Beggs had remained at home making preparations to come to Ann Albor. He lef t California foi Ann Arbor September 1. On Septem ber 5, Newell made a criminal complaint against Beggs charging him with obtaining property under false pretenses, the property obtained being that which he had traded Beggs. The California officers telephoned on here and had Beggs arrested on his arriva here, September 7, as stated in the Argus. The next day he was releasec ou a writ of habeas corpus. Requisition papers were obtained and an offi eer came on to serve them. The hear ing was held bef ore Governor Winans Tuesday. The Governor refused to issue a warrant on the ground that no crime was charged. After Beggs was discharged, his attorneys learned that the oflicer who came on with the requi sition papers had consulted ex-Supreme Judge Cahill, who had refused to ap pear on the ground that nooffense was charsred.