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A nuiaance that troubled England 5f ty years ago is now rapidly spreadng in this country, that is putting Aluni in the bread we eat. This ques;ion is causing a great deal of discussion at the present moment, as it is revealed thatalum is being used as a substitnte for cream of tartar in bak)owders. A story is told that a very arge percentage of the baking powders sold on the market contain either aluni or ammonia, and many of them contain both these pernicious drugs. Vluch timely alarm is feit at the wholesale use of alutn in bread, biscuit and jastry. To young children, growing jirls, persons of weakly frame, aluni jread eaten morning, noon and evening is the most harmful. It is the small quantities taken at every meai that do the mischief. Alum is cheap, costing but two or three cents a pound while cream of tartar costs 30c, and ;he high price of cream of tartar has ed cheap baking powder to be made of alum. If the reader wants to know something of the corrosive qualities of alum let him touch a piece to his ongue then reflect how it acts on the tender, delicate coats of the stomach. Following is a list compiled by the Seientifle American, of the alum and ammonia baking powders that have already been tested. atlantic & pacific, royal, cook's favorite, scioto, crom'n, silveb spoon, crystal, zilver star, daisy, 3n0wdrift, davis' o. k., sovereign, dry yeast, star, gem, state, . globe, standard, keston, sunflower, pearson's, washington, perfection, windsor, peerless, zipp's grape pi'rity, crystal. There are, in addition to the foregoing list from the Sckntific American a number of such powders sold in the western that were not found in the eastern stores. Following is the list to date-. CALUMET, - - Contains Alum (Calumet Baking Powder Co., Chicago.) FOREST CITY, - Contains Ammonia Alum (Vouwie Bros., Cleveland.) CHICAGO YEaST, Contains Ammonia Alum (Chapman, Smith & Co., Chicago.) BON BON, - - Contains Alum HOTEL. - Contains Ammonia Alum (J. C. Grant Baking Powder Co., Chicago.) TJNRIVALED, - - Contains Alum (Spragues, Warner & Griswold, Chicago.) ONE SPOON. TAYLOR'S, Ammonia, Alum (Taylor Mfg. Co., St. Louis.) YARNALL'S, - - Contains Alum (Yarnall Mfg. Co., St. Louis.) SHAW'SSNOWPCFF, - " Contains Alum (Morchants' Mfg. Association, St. Louis.) DODSON&HILS, - - Contains Alum (Dodson & Hils, St. Louis.) SHEPARD'S, - Contains Ammonia Alum (Wm. H. Shepard, St. Louis.) BAIN'S. - - - Contains Alum (Meyer-Bain Mfg. Co., St. Louis.) MONARCH, - Contains Ammonia Alum (Reid, Murdoch & Co., Chicago,) SNOW BALL, - - Contains Alum (Bengal Coil'ee & Spice Mills, Chicago.) GIANT, - - - Contains Alum MILK, .... Contains Alum (W. F. McLaughlin & Co., Chicago.) ECHO, - - - Contains Alum (Spencer Bluing Paddie Co,, Chicago.) KALBFELL'SPCRITY, - Contains Alum (Kalblell Mfg. Co., Chicago.) RISING SUN, - - Contains Ammonia (Phoenix Chemical Works, Chicago.) WHITE ROSE, - Contains Ammonia Alum (Globe Coffee i Spice Mills, Minneapolis.) WOOD'S ACME, - Contains Ammonia (Thos. Wood & Co., Philadelphia.) ANDREWS' PEARL, - Contains Ammonia (C. E. Andrews & Co., Milwaukee.) HARRIES' FAVORITE, - Contains Alum (H. H. Harries, Minneapolis.) FIDELIT5T, - - - Contains Alum SOLAR, - - - Contains Alum (Sherman Bros., Chicago.) PUTNAM'S BEST, - - Contains Alum (Wells Putnam & Co., Chicago.) CHINA "T" HOUSE. - Contains Alum (Noah McDowell, St.Paul, Minn.) TWIN CITY, - - - Contains Alum (J. K. Ferguson, Minneapelis, Minn.) HEKCULES, - - Contains Ammonia (Hercules Baking Powder Co., San Francisco. CLIMAX, - - Contains Ammonia (Climax Baking Powder Co., Indianapolis.)