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The Elevehth Week Of Sleep

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LFrom tba Jacksoa Star.l MayAVhite, of Stockbridge, isstill asleep, and has remained in that nocturnal sleep for ir weeks. Investigation of the case of the sleepj ing girl shows her peculiar malady is, in all probability, the result of a fall received about a year ago. At that time Miss White, who is 26 years old, not 15 as has been stated, was attending tic business college at Ypsilanti. One evening while descending some stone steps she slipped and feil, striking heavily on one side. The resulting contusión gave her great pain and she was obliged to leave school, returning to her home in Meadville. Eventually an abcess rormed where Miss White sustained the injury. She grew worse right alor g and began to have spasms at frequent intervals. Dr. H. E. Brown, of Stockbridge, treated her and in time the malády seeraed to succumb to his efforts. The spasms ceased and the abcess was relieved. About eleven weeks ago the proneness to sleep developed. Dr. Brown was puzzled and to facilítate matters had the patiënt moved to his home where she stillremains. Herlethargy seems to have grown heavier right along and she would undoubtedly sleep continually if not awakened. The doctor is the only one able to arouse her andit takeshim from one o two hours to bring the girl to a state of consciousness. Sometimes she will remain awake as long as five ïours but usually fora much shorter eriod. Miss White has lost no flesh. She eats heartily of light food when awake and of her own accord. fhere is no evidence of a change except for the worst, and Dr. Brown s wholly at loss to predict the outcome.