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DR. FRUTH'S SUCCESS. As Told by a New York Repo rter. That rnany men enter the practice f medicine and surgery without any tnowledge of the requirements of the great responsibility of the practice of medicine, and often with too litnited tock of medical education and experience, and, more often, no adaptation to ;he profession which they have chosen. This fact is apparent from the large number who lócate in the villages of our land, many of whom eke out a miserable existenee and seldom, if ever, rise to eminence. Physicians are like poets, born, not nnide, but when an instance occurs tliat this is connected with years of scientific research, professional education, and extensive practice from which comes the ability to discern and comprehend the exact location and character of disorder and disease - to prescribe and apply the only efficiënt remedies, and to cure, with almost absolute and invariable success, in every case recognized and pronounced as curable. When such an instance occurs, and becomes established by actual trial, it is not only a pleasure, but a duty to recognize and proclaim it. Such an instance, we are happy to say, undoubtedly is f urnished in the person and practice of Dr. Fruth, whose advertisement appears in another column. In an immense practice of years, and in many hundreds of cases, Dr. Fruth has proved himself to be all that liis mammoth advertisement suggests and his remarkable success iu the treatment and cure of chronic diseases in the multitude of cases brought to him during his brief visita to this place the past year is becoming one of the most interesting topics of the times. Thoso who have not consulted with him before, in behalf of themselves, or friends, or relatives afflicted in any of the forms mentioned in his advertisement, should hasten to do so, ere it be too late. Dr. Fruth at the Cook House, Thursday, October ] .