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[OFFICIAL.] COUNCIL CHAMBER, ! Ann Abbor, MiCH.,Sept. 21,1891. I Kegular meeting. Council met and was called to order by the President. Koll called: A quorum present. Absent- Alderman Hall. PETITIONS AND COJnrUNICATIONS . To the Common Council : Gentlemen:- The following is the arnount of money to be raised on the tax roll for the Street Fund for the liscal year, and appropriated as follows, to-wit: For general street work $ 5,000 " cross-walks 2,000 " culvert on Hill street 350 " grading on Hill street. from Main to Washtenaw avenue 500 " grading on 14th street 350 " Culvert on Fifth street 350 " First " 400 " Madison street, (frading between 7th and 4th streets 350 " Culvert on Feleh street 400 " " " Saminit street and grading 550 " grading and purchasing point on Detroit and Beakes streets 500 " grading and graveling Washtenaw avenue 500 ' grading and graveling Wilmot street 150 " Fuller from M. C. R. R. depot to Brldg-e No. 3 200 " grading Broadway hill 500 Total .'....$12,100 Respectfully submitted. By order of the Board of Public Works. W. J. Miller, Clerk. Referred to the Finance Committee. To the Common C'ouncü: The Board of Public Works would respectfully recommend that the following sidewalks to be ordered built: On Ashley street, east side, from W. Jefferson to Madison streets. By order of the Board of Public Works. W. J. Miller, Clerk. Referred to Sidewalk Committee. 1o the Common Council: Gentlemen:- The following is the amount of money necessary to be raised on the tax roll for the Fire Department Fund for the fiscal year and appropriated as follows, to-wit: For salaries of Firemen S 4,975 00 " 1,000 f eet hose 750 00 " horsefeed 350 00 " horse-shoeing 40 00 " men'! dept, washing, bedding, etc. 100 00 " one stove and repairs 45 00 " fuel 90 00 " oil 25 00 " one floor in apparatus and sleepingroom 147 96 '"' hosetower 200 00 " general repairs 325 00 " overdraft, February 1, 1892 1,800 00 Totaf. S 8,747 96 By order'of the Board of Fire Commissioners. W. J. Miller, Clerk. Referred to Finance Committee. A petition signed by F. A. Ilowlett, and eleven other residents and property holders of the city of Ann Arbor, asking for the discontinuance of Clark street and the continuation of Fourteenth street through from Ann to Catherine streets. Referred to Street Committee. To the Common Councü: Your Committee on Lighting would respectfully report that in their judgment the sum of $8,000 will be needed during the coming year for lighting the streets. The expense for the last twelve months has been $7,408.19, and during that time several new lights have been put in, which will increase the expense of lighting the coming year. All of which is respectfully submitted. WlLLIAM HERZ, Geo. Allmendinger, AETHl'K J. KlTSON, Lighting Committee. Referred to Finance Committee. JIOTIONS AND KESOLUTIONS. By Alderman Herz: Resolved, That the City Clerk notify the Ann Arbor T.-H. Electric Company that their contract for lighting this city expires January 1, 1892. Which resolution prevailed. By Alderman Fillmore: Whereas, The Board of Public Works, having reported to the Common Council, that the culvert, over mili race on Felch street, is out of repair and in a dangerous condition, and having submitted plans and estimate of the cost of a new stone culvert,' and it appearing to the Council that a new stone culvert ought to be built and constructed thereat, and that the same is a necessary public improvement, therefore, Resolved, That a new stone culvert be and the same is hereby ordered constructed over Mili race on Felch street, according to the plans so submitted by the Board of Public Works, and that the sum of four hundred and lifty dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated from the Street Fund, therefor. That the Board of Public Works do cause said culvert to be constructed, without unnecessary delay, according to plans so submitted. After some discussion Aid. Wines offered the following resolution as a substitute: Resolved, That the Board of Public Works is hereby instructed to build a Culvert on Felch street, four rods long, the side walls to be of stone and the roadway to be of timber and heavy plank. Which resolution was lostby a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Ma.m, Wines, Taylor, Kitson and Pres. Cooley.- 5. Nays - Aid. Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'IIearn, Ferguson, Rehberg.- 7 . Aid. Mann moved the whole matter be laid on the table, which motion was lost by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Wines, Martin, Taylor, Kitson and Pres. Cooley.- 6. Nays- Aid. Herz, Allmendinger, (Concluded on Sixth Page). COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. (Concluded ) Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson and Rehberg.- 6. Aid. Manu objected to the consideration of the resolution under rule 20. The question being shall Aid. Manu's objection be sustaiued, the vote by yeas and nays was as follows: Yeas. - Aid. Mann, Wines, Martin, Taylor, Kitson and Pres. Cooley.- 6. Nays.- Aid. Herz, Allniendinger, Fillmore, O'IIearn, Ferguson, and i Rehberg.- 6. Whereupon the chair decided the objection sustained, a majority of the Conncil not haviug voted to consider tlie resolution at this meeting. By Aid. Mann: Resolved, That when we adjourn we adjonrn until Monday. Sept., 28th, '91, at 8 o'clock. Which resolution was lost by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann and Kitson.- 2. Nays- Aid. Wines, Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Rehberg and Pres. Cooley.- 10. ByAld. Wines: Whereas, The Comrnittee on Streets, after f uil consideration, have reported in favor of granting the prayer of the petition of G. F. Allmendinger, J. W. Rogers, and more than tén other freeholders of tliis city, praying for the laying out of a street on the lines of Fourth avenue, projected southerly, f rom Madison street to Ilill street. to be called Fourth avenue; therefore Kesolved, That tuis Council do deern such proposed improvement advisable and hereby give notice to all persons interested therein of the pendancy of the same; that the Common Council will meet at the Council Rooms on the öth day of October, next, at eight o'clock p. m. of said day for the purpose of determining the question of orderiug the laying out of such proposed street. 2d. The City Clerk is hereby ordered and required to cause due notice of the pendency of sueh proposed improvement, as well as the time, when and place where this Council will meet to determine the question of ordering the same, to be duly served on all persons interested therein. Which resolution prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas - Aid. Mann, Wines, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmöre, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Taylor, Rehberg, Kitson and Pres. Cooley. - 11. Nays- Aid. Herz.- 1. Aid. Martin moved that we adjourn, which motihn was lost, as follows: Yeas - Aid. Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, O'Hearn, Ferguson.- 5. Nays. - Aid. Mann, Wines, Taylor, Keh berg, Kitson ard Pres. Cooley. - 6. By Aid. Mann: Whereas, There is already an overdraft of the fonds of the city and but seven months of the fiscal year has expired. and Wbtreas, judgingfrom the expenditures alYer September lst, of last year, we shall have overdrawn our city f unds to the extent of over $21,000, tfnless strict economy is practiced, therefore Resolved, That the Board of Public Works and the Street Commissioner be and they are hereby requested to defer such improvements and street work which from their natore are not absolutely necessary. Which resolution prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Wines, Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, O'Hearn, Taylor, Renberg, Kitson and President Cooley.- 10. Nays - None. On motion the Council adjourned. _City Clerk.