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Mrs. Wirt Dexter To Remarry

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Our Dexter readers, at least, wil! read with interest the following article from the Chicago Times: Mrs. Wirt Dexter is going to relinquish the widow's weeds, which she has worn so becomingly for a year, in favor of orange blossoms At least so the announcement runs. Better yet, the immense fortune left by the late Wirt Dexter to the wife whora he. idolized is to be kept in the family. Mrs. Dexter, it is said, is to marry her husband's cousin, Gordon McKay, a wealthy man of Newyort, R. I. It will be a good thing for the social world - whether east or west - this coming back of Mrs. Dexter into it again. To say that she wa s a leader of the crème de la crème oi Chicago is not enough. She was infinitely more. At her home met the visiting literat, the famous actress, the great singer, the celebrated artiste. She feit that keen need of intellectual force in society, and acted thereupon. Brains, not mere beauty or wealth, was the open sesame to her Prairie avenue mansion; hers the potent force which fused the divergent elements into harmony. This, and the natural nobility of the woman - calm, gracious and self-reliant - made her friends on all hands. Other society queens might be slurred, but Mrs. Wirt Dexter - never. As well try. to throw earth-mud on the clear moon. Perhaps, after all, there was something in training. Mrs. Dexter had gone to school to Dame Experience, where the benches are narrow, the desks worn with many defacements, and the lessons hard to learn. And yet, once learned, how strong and thorough the pupil. I,t is even so with her. From earning her daily bread in a humble honest way, she became the adored wife of a millionaire, the proudly guarded mistress of his splendid home. He made no mistake. The girl he had seen and loved in her lowly position was one of nature's noblewomen, and filled her new sphere as earnestly and honorably as that first and different sphere. No shoddiness marred her meteoric triumph. The poor and humble found in her a friend, the proudest lady an equal. And it came to pass that one day the loved and loving husband responded to a sudden cali and went out into the great afterland. But his love and care were stronger than death. The whole of his immense fortune was left toher. He knew in whom he had believed, and again he was not mistaken. Now, after a fitting season of decorous seclusion, comes the news that the charming widow will soon assume the pleasant shackles again. The bridegroom elect is a septuaenarian and a many-times milionaire. His Newport establishment is on a princely scale and his fortune not less than $15,000,000. Mrs. Dexter is very much his junior, a fine, statuesque figure, with the carriage of an empress and the heart of a true woman.