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Future Of Terra Dal Fuego

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The notions of Terra del Fuego Mch, prevaüed ten years ago have been campletely npset by recent exploraüons. Tlie latest travelers there are Messrs. Rousson and WiQems, who have retnrned to France from their scientific mission in Terra del Fuego. These explorers believe the northern part of the island can be tnrned to good account, and that the day is not far distant when large herds and flocks will be raised npon ranches established all along the river valleys. A large district north of the Straits of Magellan, in Patagonia, which was whollyunocenpied twelve years ago, is now full of little farms devoted to raising sheep and catüe. The owners have prospered so well that the territory they occupy has become too crowded. It is impossible to extend tbis business fnrther north, and the farmers will therefore be campeöed to turn to Terra del Fuego, wnich will receiv the overflow from Patagonia. On Dawson Island, near the northwest coast of Terra del Fuego, Jesnit fatbers are now engaged in stock raising, and for two years orsoa fine ranch has been established on the northern coast of Terra del Fuego, where there are today about 20,000 sheep and 6,000 cattie. The English have been the first to establish themselves in this territory. Stockraisers are now reaping a profit of 50 per cent per annum. The explorers say the availability of the island for stock raising has been amply proven, and there is now no doubt that a prosperous future is before it.