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The thermometer was up to ninety two yesterday. Mack & Schmid have a bran new "city style" delivery wagon. N. Garlinghouse has purchased Earl Ware's house, on Broadway, Meeting of Golden Rule lodge this evening to conf er the third degree. Rev. Zwinger, of Canada, preached at Zion church last Sunday evening. E. A. Shaw broke ground Monday for a new residence on Olivia street. The plate glass has been placed in the new front at Mack & Schmid's store. The front of Brown's drug store is now decorated with several attractive signs. The Ann Arbor Organ company sold 41 organs to one flrm within the past fifteen days. N. S. Garlinghouse has again accepted a position as motor man on the electricline. Miss Emma Hoffstetter, while visiting in Birkett, fell down stairs and broke an arm. The state erop report puts the yield of wheat in this state this year at 28,00,000 bushels. Potatoes in this eounty are estimated by the erop reporters as 79 per cent of an average erop. S. & J. Baumgartner will move into the store now oceupied by the Ann Arbor Organ Co. George Vandewerker expects to start a new house on the Hall addition within a few days. The outside of Mack & Schmid's store has been made attractive by a coat of white paint. The Sigma Phi fraternity house is being entirely refitted with new carpets and draperies. The board of trustees of the Tappan Presbyterian Association held a business meeting Tuesday. There were 54,762 bushels of wheat marketed in flfteen milis and elevators in this county last month. Eight erop reporters in this county make the yield of late peaches here 84 per cent. of an average erop. e The Gesang Verein Lyra was a tertained by Mrs. Eugene Oesterlin, of W. Huron street, Monday evening. New stone sidawalks are being laid i on Main street in front of Krause's i shoe store and Haller's jewelry store, s _ - t A dance will be given on the fair grounds on next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, afternoon and s inS. - ! David Heoning was taken suddenly ; sick Sunday and for a time his conditinn was serious, but he is now fully ' recovered. Assistant-Postmaster McOmber returned Saturday from an official inspection of the smaller post offices of the county. Washtenaw Chapter, R. A. M., conferred the past master's degree on five of our prominent business men, Monday evening. The entries of live stock for the fair closed Tuesday night and the number is greater than ever before- 171 horses and 137 cattle. George Wolsey, a former resident of Ypsilanti and a veteran of the war, died in Lafayette. Ind., last Sunday, aged forty-six years. Fifty men commence work to-day getting the grounds and buildings in shape for the large number of exhibits to be shown at the fair. The October meeting of the Webster Farmers' Club will be held at the resdence of Mr. and Mis. C. M. Starks, saturday, October lOth, 1891. About thirty members froin Washtenaw and Otseningo lodges, I.O.O.F., Df this city, assisted in work in the Ypsilanti lodge Moaday night. The output of the Ann Arbor Organ Works f or the past year has been about four times what it was in 1888, a very gratifying and deserved grcwth. The coldest day in August in this city was 46 degrees above zero, August 29, while the warmest day was August 9, when the thermometer registerecl 94. Howard Hovey, executive clerk of Gov. Winans, who married Miss Louise Galloway, of Brighton, last week, was formerly an Ann Arborite, having been in the law office of Cramer, Frueauff & Corbin. The fair authorities have changed he programme so that the military Irill will take place Friday afternoon nstead of Thursday as previously aranged. During August, there were 2.54 nches of rain at Ann Arbor, 2.60 inches it Ypsilanti and 3.72 inches at Fairi-iew. The average rainfall in the itate was 4.01 inches. Mrs. J. E. Beal, of this city, was the orresponding secretary of the Wonan's Home Missionary society of the Detroit M. E. conference, which met n Detroit this week. The University opens next Thusday md the students are returning in Iroves. The would-be freshmen are ilready grinding away with the entrance examinations. David H. Waite, an old pioneer of this county. who lived in Dexter from 1830 until about three years ago, died at the home of his son in Coldwater, last Friday, aged 77 years. Work on the Ypsilanti sewers began Monday with twenty men at work. Engineer George F. Keys, who now resides on Packard street, in this city, is superintendent of the work. Daniel Moore died at his home, No. 15 S. Ingalls street, Sept. 17, of malaral fever, aged 52 years. His remains were taken to his former home, Saginaw, for interment, Friday. W. H. Hawkins, the well known former resident of Ypsilanti, was seized with a severe attack of bronchial hemorrhage at the Griffin House in Detroit last Saturday. He is improving slowly. _ Charles Crum has been bound over to the October term of court and is now in jail awaiting trial for breaking into F..W. Campbell's shop in Ypsilanti an etealing tools. He was arrested Sunday. - A very pleasant reception was given last eveningto Rev. J. M. Gelston and wife at the parlors of the Presbyterian church . It was especially given to enable strangers to become acquainted with the pastor. The Ann Arbor Organ Co., expects to move into larger quarters on the corner of Main and Liberty streets within a few days. Painters and decorators are now at work putting the building in shape. The formal opening of the Light Infantry club rooms will take place on Wednesday evening, Oct. 14th, at which time the company will also give an invitation inspection to the honorary members and friends. A valuable cow belonging to Adam Bohnet, of Pittsfield, was shot by some unknown person last week, but fortunately was not killed. Sportsmen should handlé their guns more carefully and should pay damages. The meeting and social of the Webster Farmers' Club which was to have been held at the residence of W. E. Boyden, last Friday. was postponed on account of the sudden death of Mr. John Kinney, one of the members. The hearing of Henry, Frank and Ezra Forshee, and George and Elias Roberts, arrested for resisting and obstructing Deputy-Sheriff Peterson while making a levy on an execution, has been postponed until next Friday. Prof. Perry, having an eye for the ancient, on his eastern travels secured a clock said to have been made 150 years ago and brought from Germany. The works are made entirely of wood and the clock is still a good time keeper. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bliss, of Fifth avenue, celebrated the fiftysixth anniversary of their marriage,yesterday. Not many couples spend so long or happy a married life together. Mr. Bliss was the first jeweler west of, Detroit. __ The California fruit growers and garleners are forming a syndicate to furaish the northern markets with fruit and vegetables in winter, at reasonable rates, so that the people of the east would have an opportunity to buy fresh vegetables in winter. The fair authorities have found that they were going to be unable to accommodate the large number of entries of live stock in the present quarters and are now at work building bet ween 200 and 300 more feet of horse stalls and 100 feet more of cattle stalls. The T. & A. A. company has built a long piece of sidewalk in front of the depot property on Ashley street. When one more property owner lays a walk it will be possible to reach the depot in wet weather without paddiing through seveval inches of mud. Sunday morning about three o'clock, Patrolman Collins arrested Wm. Cana, a painter who works for Stabler Bros., for being drunk. He paid Justice Fond S5.15 for his fun Monday ïnorning. Last week Monday he finishec serving thirty days' time for a similai offense. A number of beautiful roses were eft at our office the other day by ousins & Hall. Their beauty was marvelous, a delicate Wending of tints; ie buds were the most perfect specimens of their kind. Rarely has it een our pleasure to chronicle so pretty gift. The Lansing Journal, Oakland Post nd other exchanges contain this item: A citizen of Leslie says that the reection from the electric lights at se ven laces can be seen at Leslie. They re Howell, Mason, Lansing, Battle reek, Jackson, Eaton Rapids and Ann Arbor." A dniy-horse belonging to a man amed Wells, ran away and made lings Hvely around the cour,t house quare, about six o'clock Wednesday fternooii. Wells had just taken out drayman's license an hour before and is start in business was not an auspiious one. The management of the fair have ecided to add to the races a 2:30 trotmg race, purse $200, tor Wednesday, ept. 30; a 2:30 pacing race, purse $200, Thursday, Oct. 1; and a free tor 11, purse $200? for Friday, Oct. 2. Entries to be held open until Monday ight, Sept.28. Mr. Henry Cornwell, in speaking the ther day of the low prices of paper toay in comparison with war times, ,üd tluit during the war he shipped necarloadto the Free Press which mounted to over $2,200. Now it B'ould take nearly ten carloads to ring the same priee. Ross Granger, who has so successully conducted many classes in dancng in tbis city, will hereafter devote ne day a week to instructing those of ihe people of Jackson who aré so forunate as to join his classes. He is a Qne teacher of the art and should find a good field in Jackson. Contracta have been let for fitting up the new Light Infantry club rooms as follows: Decorating, Geo. L. Moore; carpets, E. F. Mills & Co.; furniture, W. G. Dieterle; draperies and curtains, Mack & Schmid. The company will pend about $1,000 in making the ooms the finest in the state. The excavation for the sewer for the ïigh school is being rapidly mude, from the top of Twelfth street to the foot of the hill. In many places the excavation is from twenty to twentysix feet (leep and not over three feet wide. To prevent the sides caving in plttnks are driven down on each side. By the breakiug of the large pump t the water works, the city was nearly without a water supply Wednesday m ternoon. The reservoir was émptied and the small pump was not able to furnish enough for the consumption. By prompt work the company had the engine repaired and in order by I ing The State Pharmaceutical Association will hold its annual meeting in city Oct. 21, 22 and 23. The meetings will be held in the lecture room of the chemical laboratory and about 200 membevs are expected. The local druggists are making arrangements to entertain the party with a carriage drive and a reception. Clyde Beeman,of Lima,fifteen years old, stumbled and fell while running down a hill, yesterdey, and broke both ' his forearms. In the right arm both { bones were broken; in the left the radius only. Three years ago the same lad broke both arms in a similar manner, though not in the same places, in falling from a cherry tree.- Detroit Tribune. J. F. Schuh has sold over 250 White and Domestic sewing machines since February 1. The right machine at a fair price does the business.